The Sword of Legend

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You open your eyes to sunlight coming in from the window. You roll over and see Link still asleep. 

'Huh... no nightmare last night,' you note thankfully. You actually slept peacefully.

You sit up and let the covers slide off of you. Your stomach growled of hunger, leading you down the stairs and to the kitchen. You take out a pan as quietly as possible and light the stove to cook yourself some eggs. By the time you are done making omelet and rice, Link wakes up. He walks downstairs as you set the plates on the table.

"Good morning," he mumbles.

"Good morning," you smile. He sits down and yawns. "So... I was thinking," you mutter. He looks up and begins eating. "Maybe before we go to Medoh... we could go to Korok Forest... and Typhlo Ruins?"

"How come?" he asks.

"The last time we were in Kakariko," you explain, "Impa told me about our past weapons. Both of them are part of the legend and are apart of who we are. She said it would be a challenge to get them back, but I think we're ready. It would be a nice change of pace."

"You had a weapon too?" 

"Yeah. A sword like yours. But unlike yours, mine was stolen. Yours is in Korok Forest, placed there by Zelda herself."

"Korok Forest and... Typhlo Ruins, you said?" he fishes out his Sheikah Slate as you hum in confirmation. "Do you know what region they are in?"

"The one above Central Hyrule," you answer. "I don't know where exactly, but I think two cursed forests shouldn't be hard to find."

"Cursed," Link echoes in monotone. "That's inviting."

"Yeah, what's a journey without some cryptic woods, right?"

Link half laughs and drops his bite of eggs back on the plate. "We could head north," he traces the path on the slate with his finger once he focused his attention again. "The main road is on the outskirts of central Central Hyrule, so we shouldn't run into any guardians if we're careful. Sound good?"

"Sound's good," you answer.

Both of you finish your breakfast and head out.  

Day ten of taking back Hyrule, and you already appeased two Divine Beasts. The princess won't have to wait much longer.


You ride Ginger west out of Dueling Peaks and north to follow the boarder of Central Hyrule, all beside Link. A few hours later, and you two arrive at the base of the Woodland Tower. 

"Do you want to come with me this time?" Link offers.

"Sure," you say, slightly nervous. It's not that you're afraid of heights, scaling a tower is just a little out of your comfort zone. 

Nevertheless, you ascend the tower along side Link, hanging onto the ancient stone design and stopping at small platforms. Link helps you up and you finally stumble onto the tower, out of breath. Link walks over to the pedestal and places the Sheikah Slate on the centerpiece. 

You stand up and gasp. 

The view was breathtaking.

You can see mountains miles and miles away. In the way distance, you can see Dueling Peaks seemingly unreachable, though you were just there hours ago. To your right, you can see the snow capped mountains that was your next destination. Faintly, the shape of a bird circled in the distance: the next Divine Beast.

You are brought back to reality as you hear the Sheikah chime resonate from the tower. A signature blue light swirls around it and the waypoint lights up in sync with the song the technology seems to be singing. 

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