Purple Mist

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A.N: It's going to take me a bit longer to update now, because of the place that I chose to start the story. I started it right when Lucy joined Fairy Tail, so yes the events that happen will still be in this story, but in a different way as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. So, instead, I will just have something else happening, that makes me write about that more than the actual storyline of the anime/manga.

 So, instead, I will just have something else happening, that makes me write about that more than the actual storyline of the anime/manga

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|Writer's POV|

It had been a couple days since Tsukiko had shown everyone what she looked like in her fox form, and they hadn't seen it since, or her human form for much either. She had been taking a couple of short quests and also went to go and see some other guilds for a while. Lucy quickly found out that everyone that knew of the kitsune, adored her, and she could easily see why. There was nothing to dislike about her. No one questioned where Tsukiko had to go, not even Lucy, as everyone believed her, they had nothing to say that they shouldn't believe her.

Tsukiko was a mystery left, right and centre, and everyone knew that. There was no point in denying it, no one knew anything exceptional about her. All they knew was what she had told them, and everyone just had to believe her.

Lucy and her team were able to go on jobs again, they were still in a little pain, but that was to be expected. They had left not long after Tsukiko had left, now knowing that the beloved kitsune was perfectly fine, put all at ease.

The fact that Tsukiko had managed to tell her friends anything was still filling their hearts with amazement. Even though it seemed to be the simplest of things, they found out things about her that no one else knew, she even said it herself that what anyone knew about her species was folklore, meaning it had a high chance of not being true.

Everyone had long forgotten what they felt that morning Tsukiko arrived, the strange feeling that sprouted from their chests, they forgot all about it. Tsukiko had done what she had done for a reason only she knew, yes the Master knew bits and pieces of who and what she was and what was after her, but no one knew the full story. She had been protecting the guild, and sometimes Magnolia from what she knew by risking her own skin. She was also happy that Hotaru had decided to stay behind in that handmade dimensions of theirs, it was easily one of the safest places to be right now.

Tsukiko had thought about sending the people of Magnolia to a similar place more than once, but she couldn't do that yet. She would have to make the dimension seem the exact same as where they lived to make it seem like nothing changed, and the magic power needed would be enormous. Although the kitsune could bend space and time, it was still just one of her weaker powers, meaning something could go terribly wrong, and she didn't want to ask Mavis and Zeref for something that ultimately led back to her.

Tsukiko dropped back into the guild for a couple of days before leaving again and then coming back, taking smaller quests and just going out in general. This didn't bother many people, the girl had to have a life of her own. But as her visits become less frequent, people started to feel weird. That same weird feeling that they had felt when they woke up weeks before. No one could pick up on the connection between the two events, or why it felt weird to have that feeling in their bodies again. It was not intended to hurt anyone, it just felt strange. Having a feeling that no words could explain was weird enough, yet having it again within just weeks of the first one, now that was creepy. But, alas as no one could figure out why it felt familiar, no one could decipher if it was good or bad, to begin with, giving them no information on how to deal with such an unknown feeling surging through their bodies.

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