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Chapter 17

- Mia White -

"I think you should forgive him later," Jacob said. "It's fun seeing the all-mighty Ace King so vulnerable."

"You find that entertaining?" I asked in disbelief.

"Absolutely," Jacob and Ben said in union. I shook my head as they both laughed.

Since I promised Ben and I'd tell him about yesterday, I invited him over to my place so we could talk. Charles and Jacob also joined, along with Levi. Unfortunately, Sarah was grounded for talking back to her parents. She wouldn't be free until next week.

I was always with Ace, Ben, and Levi when I was younger, so my mom was comfortable with me hanging out with them when she wasn't here, but she did have some ground rules that I knew none of them would dare to break. You didn't want to get to my mom's bad side.

"Give Ace a chance," Charles said. "You can forgive him, but take things slow. Let him prove himself to you, and once he's done that, then maybe you guys can get back together."

"Or you could make him jealous," Ben smirked.

Charles rolled his eyes. "He's going to kill any guy that even looks at her in a more friendly way."

"You don't know that."

"This is Ace we're talking about," Charles started. "You know he's going to."

Giving us a smile, Ben shrugged his shoulders before skipping his way to the kitchen. Aside from his ridiculous suggestion, Charles did have a valid point. I've already forgiven Ace, and it's going to take a while for him to convince me that he'll keep his word. But I hate myself because even though he went behind my back, I still want to be with him, whether he proves himself or not.

That's love I guess. Complicated.

Having nothing else to do, Levi, Charles, Ben, and I played monopoly, which quickly turned into a very competitive game. That's right, monopoly doesn't bring us closer, it makes us turn against each other.

Although Jacob wasn't playing, he was helping Charles as they both slowly started to win the game. There was a lot of yelling, screaming, crying, and laughing. The best part was when Ben had didn't have enough money and had to give all his properties to Team Charles.

He pretended not to land on one of their properties, but Jacob caught him.

"You were right here!" Jacob yelled, pointing at B. & O. Railroad. "No, you fucking bullshitter!"

We couldn't stop laughing as Ben and Jacob started to argue. Jacob grabbed Ben's icon and placed it on Pacific Avenue, one of the many properties Team Charles owned with a hotel.

"You're fucked," Levi laughed as Jacob started to take all of Ben's properties since he couldn't pay up.

Even after the game ended, we all played a few more rounds. I didn't play for one of them since I remembered I still had chores to do, and because Sarah had called me to let me know she got her phone back.

After hours of being in the house, we decided to go to the mall. It was packed as always, but it wasn't too crowded. Jacob dragged us from store to store, looking at different clothing brands and trying to find a new outfit. We all went our separate ways, but we were still all together. If that makes sense.

Levi, Ben and I left the couple alone while we walked around. Surprisingly, the twins were getting along. Usually Ben would annoy his brother to the best of his ability, but it seems like he's taking a day off from that.

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