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circa 1957

"What?!" I shrieked, standing up out of my chair from the kitchen table.

"John. It isn't that bad..." Aunt Mimi mocked me. "Yer overreactin' again! No surprise there."

"What the Hell do ye mean it ain't that bad?! What abou' Stu and Pete? They're my only friends!" I complained.

"Ye'll make new, better friends." Mimi tried to assure me. "Calm down, John..."

"It's not so simple, ye know?" I sighed. "Stu and Pete mean the entire world to me! We've got a whole band coming togeva'!"

"Well, we've got no choice anymore!" She groaned,"Yer gonna have to learn to... atleast tolerate... Penny Lake."

"Shut up! I don't have to tolerate shit! Ye can't force me to!" I shouted. "This is my home town, Auntie, and ye can't take me away from here! Me own Mother was burried in this place, how could ye jus- Christ, ye don't think at all, do ye?"

Mimi gasped, "John, how dare you say that?! Go upstairs if yer gonna be that way!"

"...Ain't no skin off my teeth!" I replied.

Aunt Mimi took a deep breath before continuing her statement while I glared with anger.

"...John. Jus give it time, we both have to leave by next week. Not just you. Either buck up or- find somewhere else to live!" Mimi growled, standing up aggressively from her seat.

I cursed her name in my head, thinking about the transition it'll take for me to adjust to a whole new town. Mimi isn't usually so adamant or stubborn like this, so it's a bit of a shock.

I've never even heard of Penny Lake in my entire life! And I know England like the back of me own hand. Mimi did say it was a small, woodsy town and... pretty much the opposite of Liverpool. More importantly, she said it was hours away from here.

How will I ever get used to that? How does she expect me to do that so easily? I get that living in Liverpool isn't exactly cheap, but is this necessary? Without any notice?

I bolted up to my room and slammed my door shut behind me, weak sobs leaking out of my lips.

Stu and Pete are going to be devastated, just as I am. It's not easy for me to befriend people. as most others think I'm unapproachable or something.

"I don't need this. I don't have to adjust to anythin' that I don't want to!" I whispered to myself, laying on my flattened, old pillow.

I am so used to this city, it's like a part of me! My Mother, who I barely ever got the chance to really know, is burried here. Plus, how will I ever find new band mates? People who share that same deep musical interest? Not that Stu and Pete were exactly virtuosos or anything, but they were willing to try.

"Why now? Why can't she move away once I atleast graduate Secondary School?" I huffed, turning to look out my window. "Why do I have to go, too?"

I thought for a moment about our current situation with everything that has occured in the past year.

Funds have been extremely meager in our little household since my Mother, Julia, passed away. Mimi has had to work atleast two jobs for the passed year and a half. I've tried to keep a job, myself, but always got laid off only weeks in. I guess the homes in Penny Lake are much cheaper than here on Manlove Avenue, here in the Mendips.

What was I to do but mope around all day? In one week, all of my friends and mutuals would be hundreds of miles away from me. How would I tell them? Would we stay in contact?

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