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"See ye, Mimi! I'll be back in a couple o' hours!" I shouted, shutting the old wooden door behind me. This new place is a right mess.

I took in a deep breath and slung my backpack over my shoulder, walking towards the school. Back in Liverpool, I'd usually take a bus to school, but this far into the woods, we had no proper bus system. All of the students either had to get a ride or be like me ...and walk by foot.

Not all of this is bad, though, the sky was nice and clear and it wasn't too cold out at all. I could hear birds chirping and animals climbing on to the trees. It was quite beautiful, but still will never beat the everlasting glow of the city life back home.

In no time at all, I arrived at the small school down the road. I must've gotten lost in the clouds as it seemed to be such a short stroll.

I walked through the double doors that were held open with wooden door stops. Walking inside, I took note of everyone in the hall. Most of them were chatting against lockers or inside of classrooms, awaiting our first class to begin. It was pretty much like my old school, except a lot less formal.

"Sorry." I said as I accidentally brushed up against another lad.

He studied me up and down with pursed lips, "S'alright, mate." He smirked. "Jus quit day dreamin'." The boy joked.

"Right..." I furrowed my brows a bit angrily as he continued to walk off. I then shook my head and went into my first class.

I walked in and looked around for an empty seat, noticing one near the back of the room. I shuffled over and tossed my backpack next to my chair as I sat down.

Once the teacher started the lecture, I yawned to myself and let my body sink into my chair. I wasn't all that tired, but the grueling lesson made my eyes want to slowly close shut.

"Lennon!" The teacher snapped, "Is my lesson boring you?"

I chuckled, not wanting to be a liar.

"Jus a bit, miss." I replied. "Gettin' in the middle of my nap time, it is."

The students around me giggled a little at my snide remark, causing the teacher to be even more upset.

"Maybe a visit to the principal's office will wake ye a tad?" She asked, gripping a wooden ruler.

I rolled my eyes, "Ye know, what? Actually, I'm fine, ...thanks."

"Splendid." She grit her teeth.

Been here five minutes and I'm already a problem student.

The rest of the day at school was pretty typical, not much happened and most people kind of ignored me. However, I don't mind.

It was only the beginning of the first day.

After school, I plan to go down by the actual lake and write. I haven't really had any time to myself since we started moving last week, so I deserve some peace and quiet.

I slid my hands into my pockets and began walking towards the woodsy area right behind the school. It was only but a mile or so walk, so it shouldn't be a very long stroll.

It was that time of year where the air was starting to become a bit more chilly, but not bad enough to need a jumper or anything. Although, it wasn't as warm as it could be, either.

Even though I just want to despise this place, a tiny part of me couldn't help but giggle as I looked above me at the trees. The yellow and green leaves towering above me, I continued down the dirt path.

As I approached the little dark sanctuary, I began to hear distant laughter of a boy. I quit walking for a moment and peered behind a tree, adjusting my backpack strap.

There was a boy, swimming by himself in the water in just his trousers. I squinted my eyes as I focused in on him, smiling a bit to myself. The water crashed up against his bare skin with force.

Just then, I heard the crunching of leaves behind me.

Quickly, I squated down behind a rock and watched as two more boys approached the one in the water.

"Ello there, Paul!" One of them waved, grinning back at the teddy boy. This one had dark, bowl cut hair with a large nose.

Paul, huh? That's his name.

"Ello, Richard!" He replied with an even wider smile.

I couldn't help but smile to myself.

The last boy looked up at Paul... he had a familiar mug...

That boy is the one I ran into in the hallway earlier this morning. I know it.

"Ey, Paul!" He called out, cupping his mouth to make his voice even louder. He had thick eye brows and high cheek bones.

"George! How're ye?" Paul replied, stepping out of the lake. "Glad ye two could make it down!"

My eyes studied the boy as the sun glistened off of his damp skin. No matter how badly I wanted to look away, I couldn't. I was far too mesmerized.

The boy's pale complexion complimented his dark, messy hair and his body figure was nothing short of perfect. It was sharp with strong features, yet feminine and delicate at the same time.

His smile was the best part, everytime I saw him shoot a quick grin, my stomach fluttered a bit. He shifted his hips each time he walked, and made cute little hand gestures as he spoke.

"Christ, John, yer a right stalker, now." I laughed quietly to myself.

I sighed as I stood up, heading my way to a less crowded part of the lake.

I'll definitely come back over here, though.

Just not yet.

As I found a green patch of grass in the shade of a large tree, I opened up my backpack and dug around for my journal.

I finally pulled it out and flipped to a random clean page, trying to relax and get into my comfort zone.

Oh, how I love writing poetry, it's an art form only few understand and even less appreciate. Whenever I wrote, I was at my most vulnerable state of mind. I let thoughts flow within and without my mind, writing down every image in words that revolved my head.

Writing wasn't all that I love though... Art has always had a special place in my heart and whenever I felt troubled, it was always sort of a crutch for me, as foolish as that may sound.

"Boy, it's gettin' a tad late, ain't it?" I asked myself as I looked down at my wrist watch.

I stood up and dusted my trousers off of any dirt or mud, heading home under the moonlight.

"Oh well, guess I'll be back tomorrow, then." I muttered to myself, smiling back in the direction the boys were in.

I'm so destined to become friends with those lads. That boy's looks drew me in the most and he seems... interesting... to say the least.

Oh, now don't get me confused or anything! I only want to be friends with Paul, is all.

How could I ever get close with any of them? I could always just walk up to them and start a little conversation?

Hah! Just kidding... I'm John Lennon! I can be a lot more creative than that.

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