Chapter: 11

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You ate dinner by yourself in your room.

After you were finished with your meal you looked around a little around and you noticed your bag you never unpacked.

You opened it and started to look though everything.

There were some clothes and your phone...

Y/N: should I call mom? Ugh what are you thinking Y/N, they hate you why should i call them.

You wanted to place your phone down but something was telling to call them.

Without realizing it you called your mom.

She picked up.

Mom: hello?
Y/N:... h..h..hi mom, it's Y/N.
Mom: ow your still alive.
Y/N: mom why do you and dad hate me so much, I want to know.

Mom: because your useless.
Y/N: then why didn't you put me up for adoption?
Mom:... I didn't have a choice.
Y/N: huh? What do you mean?

Mom: well.. you see it's just tha-

???: so this is her mom?
Mom: who are you?

Y/N: mom what's going on?

You heard some people laugh at the other end of the phone.

Y/N: mom what's going on?! MOM!

She didn't say anything.

You then heard her scream in pain.

You heard the phone and someone fall to the ground.

You didn't say anything.

???: so is her dad here too?
???: he is probably at a bar getting drunk or something.

???: let's go find him.

You heard footsteps go further away.

Mom:.. *whispers* Y/N... I.. I'm.. f..or e..everything...
Y/N: mom please get some help you don't sound good! What happened?!

Mom: ....

Y/N: mom!!

You took your phone with you and you ran outside your room.

You ran outside the house just running.

Y/N: *thinks* why do I care? They abused me for so long.. why do I care about them..?

You continued running.

You saw a car driving and you asked the person to drive you to your old house.

It took very long but eventually you arrived.

You thanked the driver and you ran to the door.

It was broken open..

You ran inside and there you saw her.. your mom..

On the ground with a puddle of blood.

You sat next to her and you took her head in your hands.

Y/N: mom... please say something.

She looked dead already..

Mom: stop... d..on't c..all m..e mom...

Y/N: your alive!

Mom: y..yeah.. b..ut n..o..t f..or

She pointed weakly with her hand to the stairs.

Mom: b..o..ok

Y/N: mom.. no..

Life had left her eyes and this time she didn't move or spoke.

She had no pulse.

You broke down in tears.

After crying you got up and walked to the stairs.

You never bin inside your parents room in ages so it was weird walking to their room.

Once you opened the door you looked at the desk.

You saw a book on the desk.. it was closed with words on it.

You picked the book up.

Your name was standing on it.

You wanted to open the book but you didn't.

Y/N: *thinks* I should go back first, who knows if they are back already.

You walked back downstairs you saw your mother in an other pose before you left.

She had something in her hand, it was a necklace.

You picked it up and held it close to you.

Y/N: i'l find out who did this mom.

You then gave her a kiss on her forehead and you ran outside.

You managed to find a car who was heading to the place close to the castle and you just ran back through the woods for the rest.

When you arrived back there was no one yet.

You walked back to your room quietly.
Once you were safely inside you took the book out.

You tried to open it again but it had a lock.

You then looked at the necklace your mom gave you.

It was a key.

You unlock the book.

You opened it and read it..

14 April -

Something strange happened today.
I was just getting back home from shopping and there was a small child laying in a basket.

There was no note or anything with it.
There was only the baby and there was something sewed in the blanket she was rolled in.

Y/N. I chose it to be her name.

I normally hate kids but I can't just leave it out here in the cold.

Y/N: wait does this mean.. I am not her daughter?! Then who are my real parents?! Why did they abandon me?!

You then heard a knock on your door and it scared you a little bit.

Jungkook: Y/N? Everything okay?

Y/N: y..yes everything is totally fine.

Jungkook: okay if you say so..
Yeh sorry about this chapter, I think this chapter doesn't make sense but okay maybe it does but I'm not noticing that😹.

Well anyway have a good day💜

And as always ideas are always welcome😊

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