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"It's spooky season, we have to pick pumpkins!"

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"It's spooky season, we have to pick pumpkins!"


– FALL HAD DEFINITELY taken its course over the last couple days since the weather was chiller and the colors all around seemed to scream with the word. It was one of your favorite seasons, due to all the horror movies that you got to binge watch while stuffing your face with candy. It was also a great time to enjoy the colder air, hot coco, and late night bonfires with family and friends.

You sat on your couch, watching 'Scream' when a knock echoed throughout the house, making you groan. You weren't expecting anyone, since it was only noon, but you were not surprised to be faced with your boyfriend; who smiled widely as you opened the door. He walked right in, engulfing you in a bear hug.

"Hello, my love," Steve smoothly said. He kissed your cheek before plopping onto your couch, taking a handful of popcorn while he snickered at what you were watching. Typical, he thought, but he loved it.

You crossed your arms, leaning against the wall.

"Why are you so happy?" Questioning, you couldn't help but smile as he bit his lip, lips breaking out into a grin. You knew he was up to something, it was obvious by the eagerness in his voice.

"I was thinking we could go pumpkin picking? We didn't get to last year, but I really want to. I don't care if you say no, we're going." He mused, eating another handful of popcorn. Of course, it was fall time after all and you loved the idea of spending time with Steve.

"That would be great, actually. Let me get dressed real quick." You rushed to your room, almost tripping on clothes as you ran. Sighing to yourself, you decided on wearing a pair of leggings, oversized sweatshirt, and old pair of Converse. Putting your hair up in a messy bun, you quickly look in the mirror, then head out.


Steve groaned for what seemed to be the hundredth time as you continued inspecting the bright, orange pumpkins - not liking the ones you saw so far. He would point one out and you would shake your head, resulting to him rolling his eyes in annoyance.

"(Y/n), just pick one out already. You're taking forever." You shot him a look before returning to finding the right pumpkin. He placed his hands up, chuckling.

After what seemed like forever, you had found the perfect pumpkin - thank god for Steve - and smiled as you picked it up. It was small, but it was perfectly round and orange.

"Finally. Now, would you like to get some hot chocolate?" Steve asked. You set the small pumpkin on the side of your hip, sending him a small smile. He set his hands on your waist, biting his lip as he took your appearance in. Even though you dressed casual, Steve adored how you were. Loved the freckles dotted across your nose, the way your lips curved into a smile, or your contagious laugh that always made him feel warm inside.

Steve placed a delicate kiss on your lips, his fingers digging into her hips. You pulled away, giggling, placing a hand on his jacket-covered chest.

"There's kids, Steve."

"Mmm, I know, but I can't help it, you're just so damn gorgeous." A blush crept onto your cheeks, which Steve just laughed as he grabbed your hand, leading you to the small shop that held homemade apple cider and decorations.

The little shop was always smelt good inside as it always brought memories from your childhood. It use to be a tradition coming here, one that you loved, but as you got older you found yourself coming here less and less.

After you and Steve got your drinks paid for, you settled on walking through the apple orchard. Hand in hand, you two walked silently together, but it was a tranquil moment watching the brown-orange leaves fall softly down.

"It's getting colder," You finally said, shivering.

"Wanna go back and cuddle while watching movies?" Steve pulled you closer again for warmth. You happily sighed, taking in his heavenly scent.

"Of course, duh."

You two settled on finishing 'Scream' and both got comfortable on the couch. You laid on Steve's chest, his hand in your hair, other on the lower of your back rubbing smooth circles with his fingers. His touch was hypnotizing, it made you melt with every graze he made on your hot skin. Steve twirled your (h/c) hair with his middle finger, slowly stopping the more he got tired as the night carried on.

It was nights like these that you loved; cuddling with Steve made you feel safe, secure even. Being in his arms was like heaven and you loved every part of it.

Before you knew it, you both had fell into a peaceful sleep.


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oof this is so bad, but i didn't know where to end it lol. 

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