Chapter: 12

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You woke up the next morning and you noticed a figure standing in your room.

He was turned with his back to you, it looked like he was reading something.

You remembered then that you had laid the book on your desk, so that meant that person was reading it!

Y/N: who are you and put my book down!

The person turned around.

It was Jungkook.

Jungkook: so you were awake after all.

Y/N: no I just woke up, but what are you doing here and why are you reading my book?!

Jungkook: chill.. i was only looking nothing else, and I came to check on you because of yesterday.

He closed the book and laid it down on the desk.

Y/N: ow it's nothing... I.. just.. had a cold.

You made it up.

Jungkook: really? You didn't look sick to me.

Y/N: well.. eh you never had a cold right..? So you don't know what it is like..

Jungkook: I guess...

Jungkook walked closer to you bed and you got up immediately.

Jungkook: wow, no need to be scared.

Jungkook: Jimin chocked you and scared you right? Well I'm not like that at all.

Y/N: wait how did you know about tha-

Jungkook: Jimin told me.

Jungkook walked closer to you.

Jungkook: no need to be scared, I only want a drink.

He was standing in front of you and you were standing against the wall.

Y/N: *thinks* one step closer and I'm gonna run for it.

And he took one step closer and you ran past him to the door.

You tried to open the door but it was locked.

You struggled with the door knob trying to open it when you noticed a hand against the door on your right.

You turned around and you met faces with Jungkook.

He grabbed your right wrist with his hand and the other removed your hair from your neck.

You wanted to push him but just like with Jimin... you couldn't move...

Y/N: *thinks* dammit why can I not move, again?!

Jungkook: heh sorry but you can never break free from this without a vampires help.

He chuckled.

Y/N: *thinks* damn you Jungkook!!

He brought his hand closer to your face and he stroke it gently.

Jungkook: you don't have to look so scared....

Jungkook got closer to your face.

He was a little too close.

Jungkook: heh ur face is getting red.

He chuckled.

One of his arms moved to your waist.

You immediately pushed him off of you.

Jungkook fell to the ground and he looked very shook at you.

Jungkook fell to the ground and he looked very shook at you

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Jungkook: wait how the hell did you move?!

Y/N: I.. i don't.. know.

You looked at your hands.

Jungkook: your a very strange girl I'll give you that.

He got up again but you were having none of this s***

Y/N: well bye bye.

This time you didn't unlock the door you just kicked it down.

(Author: well geezz good work Y/N, and who is gonna fix the door?)

You ran into the hallway just to wherever they were leading.

You stopped by the stairs and looked behind you.

You heard footsteps running so you ran down the stairs.

Once you were all the way down the stairs you looked up again.

Jungkook: *from far away* where are you Y/N?~

You ran through the hallway downstairs and you bumped into someone.

You closed your eyes.

Y/N: *thinks* please don't let it be Jungkook please don't let it be Jungkook please don't let it be Jungkook.

J-H0pe: wow there easy.

You sighed in relief and opened your eyes.

J-Hope: did something happen?

Y/N: the usual..

J-Hope chuckled.

J-Hope: yeah haha, the maknae's are wild sometimes.

Y/N: I wouldn't call that sometimes, they are almost always like this.

J-Hope: don't be surprised but I was once like that. They are still young and are still a little crazy in head if you get what I mean.

He laughed.

He laughed awkwardly with him.

J-Hope: well anyway is there something you wanna do?

Y/N: not really, but I rather not stay alone for now..

J-Hope: oeh I know we can watch a movie after dinner.

Y/N: sure sounds good.
Hellu!! Readers!!

I hope you enjoyed it and if u all give me some ideas, I don't really need them but i thought it could be fun if you decided something.

Well anyway cya next time!!

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