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renjun stood up from his chair, turning around with a smile. chenle was raising his fist up in the air, wishing him a goodluck. renjun took a deep breath as he entered the room that only had two well dressed women sitting at a sofa.

huang renjun?❞ his name was called, also a hint for him to sit at the chair in front of them.

the interview took an hour. chenle, who was waiting outside for renjun, almost fell asleep. if it weren't for his phone vibrating meaning he received a message.

and it was from his boyfriend. he smiled and replied back, not even noticing that the person he's been waiting for already finished his interview.

zhong chenle!❞ renjun screamed, causing chenle to jump from his chair.

fortunately, they were the only people there as renjun was the last person to be interviewed. the younger noticed his friend having that wide smile and by that he guessed that the interview went well. but even though, he still wants to ask.

how was it?❞ he questioned, ignoring his boyfriend for a while that was now spamming him with unnecessary messages, memes perhaps.

renjun raised a paper carefully. even the way he held it made chenle giggle. ❝i got accepted!

the younger clapped his hands, happy for his hyung. ❝congratulations!

i had fun listening to them, talking about their kids.❞ renjun giggled, ❝they even told me their kids were engaged.

while renjun was laughing, chenle didn't know what to react. renjun is applying for a job to be a babysitter but chenle could smell something wrong with this just because of what renjun said.

how cute of them to ship their kids.❞ renjun was technically getting soft upon remembering the two mother talking about their sons.

so when will you start?❞ chenle didn't want to think about it and just be happy for renjun for finally finding a job after being jobless for weeks.

tomorrow.❞ the older still had a wide smile on his face, ❝i'm so excited to take care of babies!

the question is, is he really going to take care of babies?

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👶 i don't know how i will do it bUT HERE'S NORENMIN GUYS

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👶 i don't know how i will do it bUT HERE'S NORENMIN GUYS

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