~ five ~

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As I left the school, I walked down outside the door and into the large parking lot. Crowds of people began pouring out of the doors and into their cars. I stared up at the cloudless sky and thought to myself.

Today was long, dismal, and boring. My brain is just going to melt out of my ears.

I oughta go back to Penny Lake today, hm? To rid my mind of the stress?

Or am I just considering to go to this right stupid body of water to see a boy? To get the attention of a bloke?

Eh. There's nothin' else better to do in this ghost town.

And with that, I was on my way. I found a little path in the woods and followed it down to the familiar sanctuary I was in before.

Again, I saw that boy, Paul, sitting on the ledge by the water and staring off into the horizon.

I want to talk to him. But I know it'd be so strange. Just imagine some random bloke jumps out the woods and calls out your name! No, I couldn't do that. I'll let him come to me.

I took in a deep breath and walked towards him, though. My heart was racing more with every step.

He shot a look of curiousity behind him and studied me up and down, I paid him no mind.

I sat down a couple of meters from him and stared off into the trees beyond us. He still kept his weary eyes on me.

Oh, how he looked so much better up close. His beautiful doe eyes, looking me up and down. My heart could've popped out my chest right there.

Not in a queer way, no! It just made me nervous to know I was being judged silently.

"Can I help ye?" His voice called out gently. "Ye look a bit... lost."

I simply smiled and looked back at him, "No, I'm jus fine, thank ye."

"Oh, alright." He looked back infront of him.

"So, what's yer name?" He asked after a few seconds of awkward silence.

I cleared my throat, "My name? Well, it's John Lennon."

"Oh! I'm... Paul McCartney." He smiled slightly.

I knew that, ye git.

"What a formal soundin' name, ye've got." I pointed out. "It's... sweet."

"Thanks... I think?" He asked with slight confusion as a light shade of pink began to spread upon his soft cheeks.

"I'll jus have to call ye somethin' else... Somethin' less snooty. How abou' Macca?" I asked.

"Macca? ...Never heard that one before." He laughed, staring down at the ground. "How creative."

I stood up and dusted the dirt off my trousers, "It's fittin', innit?"

He chuckled and looked up at me, "If ye say so."

I began to walk back towards my house, hoping the boy would stop me.

"Wait!" He called out, as a cheeky smile formed on my face.

"Yes, Macca?" I asked, turning back around.

"Why don't ye stay? Me mates will be here soon, ye oughta meet 'em. ...If ye wanna." Paul asked of me, standing up to make eye contact.

His long eyelashes complimented his eyes so well, I couldn't help but blush as I looked into them more deeply.

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