~ six ~

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I skipped home and walked onto my porch, jingling the keys in between my fingers before I shoved them into the lock. I walked inside and saw Mimi sitting on an old, torn chair.

"John! What the Hell! It's pitch black outside! Why're ye comin' home so late, boy?" She asked with genuine concern.

"Ah! Christ, I'm sorry, Mimi. I shoulda kept better track of the time. But, I've met a friend and-" I explained until she cut me off.

"A friend? Oh, John, that's wonderful! I'm glad ye've found a mate, but ye can't be stayin' out all hours of the night like this wi' out tellin' me first." My Aunt Mimi warned. "We talked abou' this..."

I shrugged, "Yer right, I know... and I'm sorry, I'll try to be more responsible from now on!" I chuckled.

"Yeah. Sure ye will." Mimi rolled his eyes before returning back to her recliner.

I smiled as I took of my jacket, "I'll be in my room, alright?"

I bolted down the hall and into my room. I flopped onto my bed and stared up at the cracked ceiling, a smile forming on to my face.

I talked to Paul McCartney! Ah, and it didn't go horribly!

I sat up from my bed and reached around to my turn table. Selecting a record from my collection, I put it on and relaxed.

Hey! Since George and Richard go to my school, wouldn't that mean that Paul does too?! That means that I could talk to him during classes! We could meet in the hallway and eat together at lunch and then hangout after school! I could have a little friend group, again. People that I could call me mates. A group of people that I could trust.

"Yer such a stupid git." I cursed to myself in a joking tone. "Gettin' so overexcited because I've got a couple of people to hangout wi'." I paused for a moment, "Gettin' so excited over... a man."

My mind began to whirl a little bit with confusion and curiousity, but I shook it off and rolled over in my sheets. My heart raced just thinking of this boy and for all of the wrong reasons. However, I eventually dozed off into a deep sleep, wrapped up in my warm covers.


The next morning, I sat up off my bed with a smile across my face. It's as if a whole new mood has fallen over me. Happiness and contentment. I was never known for my joyfulness or my ability to light up a room. I was known for quite the opposite, actually.

But something about this place is different, now. It's been brighter.

Ever since I've seen Paul, it's sort of been different.

This is becoming a tad of an obsession.

I just want a best mate again, is all!

"G'mornin', Mimi!" I said, grabbing an orange from the counter.

"Ello, Johnny." She smiled, opening up a newspaper.

"Penny Lake... isn't all that bad, Mimi." I shrugged. "I judged this place far too quickly."

"I'm glad ye've decided to keep an open mind. Have ye rang to Stu or Pete lately?" She asked, sipping her tea.


I rubbed my face with my hands, "...Nope. I haven't."

Mimi rolled her eyes, "John!"

"It slipped me mind, okay?!" I defended myself, "I'll ring 'em tonight!"

I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door.

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