~ seven ~

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     We made our way infront of Paul's house once again. He turned his key in the lock as we walked inside. The house was a lot less vibrant and much more dull and quiet. I squinted my eyes as I studied the surroundings, noticing neither of his parents were anywhere to be seen.

      "We've got this place to ourselves tonight, boys! Me family's down at the clinic for me Mother's health." Paul explained with slight worry in his voice, but not enough to be apparent to the others.

      We headed upstairs into Paul's room. He lit a candle and propped it on his table before lighting a cigarette.

      "Feel free to light up, lads." Paul offered, puffing smoke out of his full lips.

      "Don't mind if I do!" Richard said as he lit a cigarette of his own.

      I shuffled into my pockets and took one out of the packaging. I cupped the flame with my hands as I lit the end of the paper.

      "So, what's on the agenda today?" George asked.

      "Well, I havent got any ideas. Music-wise." Richard admitted. "How abou' ye lot?"

      "Me neither." Paul huffed.

      I sat down on Paul's floor and took a deep breath.

      Should I tell them I write? Would that be weird?

     "Hm... Well, if ye lads need any type of material to use in a song, I could help..." I bit my lip as I spoke.

     "What do ye mean, Lennon?" Paul asked, folding his hands.

     I smiled as I looked him up and down, "Well, I write."

     George furrowed his brows, "What do ye write, exactly?"

      I looked over at the boy, "Erm - Jus read this." I passed my journal over to George.

      He scanned the paper and beckoned Paul to come over and read the writing as well.

     "This is... brilliant, John. When did ye learn to write like this?" Paul asked.

     "I picked it up over the years, I guess." I replied shyly, feeling heat in my cheeks. "It's a good uh... coping mechanism, I guess."

     "Never woulda expected a bloke like John to be so... poetic." Richard chimed in with a mocking tone.

     I rolled my eyes, "Thanks."

     Paul paused for a moment before asking George and Richard to talk in private. I nodded in approval as they left the room.

     Twiddling my thumbs anxiously, I awaited their return. My mind was sent into a spiral, contemplating what they could possibly be talking about.

     After several minutes of waiting, I finally heard the door creak open.

     "Alright." Paul started, "John? How would ye like to join me band?"

     My eyes lit up in excitement, but I couldn't have them know I was jumping with joy.

     "Uh- Su- Sure." I stuttered. "Yeah, that'd be good." I tried to play it cool.

      My eyes shot down to my feet and I attempted to conceal a huge grin from forming across my face.

     Paul wanted me to join his band.

     It was so obviously Paul's idea.

     "Then it's settled! John, do ye play?" Paul asked, cocking his head and placing a finger on his chin.

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