iii. wylde, wild

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"Who do you want to see, ma'am?"

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"Who do you want to see, ma'am?"

"Nathan. Is he here? He told me to come here at eight thirty." I awkwardly looked between the four pair of eyes trained on me, finally resting on the tall, bald man who was talking to me.

"Oh, you mean Wylde?" He started, a smirk forming on his thin lips and I stumbled back slightly, afraid of where he was going to go with this already.

"I'm not sure, I don't know..." I honestly said. I had no idea what his last name was. I hadn't even bothered to find out.

"Men, look at what we got here. Someone has come to see our boss. Wylde is surely a lucky man... Are you his girl?" I narrowed my eyes at him and let out a little awkward laugh.

"Girl? Oh no, I don't even know him- Can you just-um tell me where he is? I really don't have time for-" I started but got interrupted when someone grabbed me by my arm and I was suddenly yanked back into a chest.

"Griffin, do want me to tell your wife that you have been hitting on young women half your age or would you rather have me go to her place and fuck her brains out since you are not doing the job well. You know how much she fancies me." A voice behind me said and the men around us started laughing as they teased the bald man who I assumed was Griffin now. Griffin seemed a little red and glared at Nathan.

"Why don't you take care of what your dead wife thinks about-"

"Go pick up Mr.Parker from the office." Nathan suddenly interrupted and I felt his body turn stiff. His wife passed away? I felt a wave of remorse pass through me but it slowly vanished as the man behind me grabbed me roughly by my elbow and pushed me out of the house and away from hearing distance from the group of men.

"Okay, I came all the way over here, now give me my wallet." I let out, my empty hand hovering down infront of him.

"I forgot." He muttered and I dropped my jaw wide open in shock.

"You what?"

"Slipped my mind. Maybe you should come back tomorrow and get it? I am still on my duty."

"Excuse me, mister! I did not just come all the way to the other side of the city, driving for an whole hour to go back empty handed." I said, my voice rising as I pushed my chest out and pointed an accusing finger to his face that somehow landed on his chest, poking his hard skin.

"Well, too bad. I can't help you-"

"Is it at your house? Where did you keep it? You are taking me there, right now!"

"I can't take you to my place. Who knows whether you try to have sex with me again, Rebecca, was it?" How dare he Rebecca, punch the hell out of him.

"What the fuck dude? Who do you think you are? I am not that desperate and that what happened yesterday, was just a drunken mistake. Believe me, I have no interest in sleeping with you. Besides, you are not even that attractive, just so you know."

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