Chapter Forty One

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Orran Scrant had just broken his fast when the young girl stormed into his chambers. She was followed by two of his men. They shot him confused glances and ended with silent shrugs as Selene stormed all the way into the room, obviously unable to contain her.

"I want to learn how to fight," she said as more a demand than a request.

Orran raised an eyebrow at her and then waved his men out of the room. "I thought we discussed this already with Jon. You will stay and help out in the kitchen and things of that sort. It is a safe place, and you will be treated well."

Her eyes were lit with fire. "That was before Kareth, my father, was killed. Now, will you teach me or not?"

Orran's eyes flinched in surprise at the news. He sat there for a long moment, tapping his fingers on the desk as the stared at her. "I heard this morning, just before Jon left. I am sorry, truly." He looked her over for a long moment before finally speaking again. "You really are his daughter, aren't you?" he said with a smile and a shake of his head. "Alright, you win. I will train you, but we will do it on my terms."

Selene crossed her arms as she thought. "Fine," was all she said before sitting down in the chair in front of the desk. "When do we start?"

"You know, you remind me of him," Orran said through pained grin. "He hated sitting around, waiting for something to happen. He would have went crazy the last few years if he had been with us. The Silent Brotherhood has seen more... interesting days, if you will." Orran rubbed an open palm over his face. "I have never trained a girl before," he raised a hand before she could intercede, "a woman grown, I know. Tell you what, go find Bryce and then meet me in the square."

She was about to open her mouth in protest when she realized what he said. "Uhm, thank you, my lord."

Orran frowned at the title. "Enough with the courtesies, my name is Orran." He stood up and walked her to the door. "Everyone else here has a first name they go by as well, at least most of them."

She nodded in compliance, though she was already wondering what would be the first thing that she would learn. Jon was a master of the bow, while Kareth himself used blades and shadows. If both my mother and father were shadowdancers, does that mean I will be one as well? The knights of the north used broadswords, while the warriors from Ventos preferred long spears. She figured that the bow would suit her best, though she had known female warriors to excel with the blade, at least in the stories.

When she made it down stairs she asked a few outlaws if they knew where Bryce was and they pointed her off to the arms room. After some searching, she eventually found the weapons hide. It was a midsized room, with large tables spaced out in the center of the room and racks covering the walls with every weapon imaginable. She looked around in awe at the swords and sabres, axes and maces, pole arms and other weapons that she didn't even know the names of.

She moved around the room, feeling the steel beneath her fingers, reveling in the exultation of finally doing something worthwhile.

"You lost, dearie?"

Selene spun around, startled by the gruff voice. "No, I'm... sorry. My name is Selene. Orran sent me." She tried to seem confident.

"He did, did he?" The man was large, maybe six and six and weighing at least eighteen stone. He had a scruff three day beard pulled tight over a square jaw. His eyes were black and his hair was a peppered red. He looked at her as though she were nothing more than dust. "Well then, lass, what can I do for you?" He turned his attention back to the long piece of wood he had wedged between his knees as he used a rag to polish it.

"Are you Bryce?"

"The one and only." He didn't even look up from the bow he was working on.

Awkwardly, she continued. "Well, Orran told me to find you and meet him in the square."

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