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I groaned as I opened my eyes. Sunlight blinded me as I did. I sat up or tried to when pain shot through my body. I waited as my eyes adjusted to the light. I looked up and saw the blue sky full of clouds. From what I could tell it was about noon. I wasn't sure how long I had been out for, but I felt like I been hit by a truck. I laid on the ground by a makeshift camp and a smoldering campfire.

I looked down to find that I was covered in blankets from head to toe. A damp washcloth was dropped over my forehead. The coldness helped with my headache, but it still hurt and I groaned again in annoyance. 

Shortly after I hear another groan. But this one wasn't out of pain. It was sleepy and kind of cute. Like a kitten. 

I turned my head and saw a passed out Ty. He was at the side of my makeshift bed of blankets on the ground. He had his back leaning on a burned-out log facing me with his arms crossed in front of him. He had dark rings under his eyes and he looked worse than I did. His side was poorly wrapped with blood-soaked bandages and he shanked uneasy in his sleep. 

With the events of last night still scarred in my mind, I slowly up, swallowing my pain and placed one of my blankets on him. Behind me, I heard a rustling and I turned only to hiss as jeering pain shot up my side. I stopped and held my side.

"Larisa! Hey, you shouldn't be up." A voice called out to me.


I unwillingly fell into his arms. He laid me back down on the ground and positioned me so my back was on his chest and his legs trapping me. This also meant my back was to an asleep Ty which made me uneasy.

"Guess your falling for me." He said with a cocky smirk. 

I forced a laugh as I fought back the feeling to punch him. I put on the fake smile that I haven't used since the parties my father always threw.  

"Hey Jason," I said as I tried to escape his grip, but the pain stopped me.

 "Ty told us what happened and I must say I'm impressed. I don't think that many people could survive being cursed like that. Plus you looked really ruff when Ty brought you to back." He said his breath brushing against the back of my neck, giving me chills. 

"Um...Thanks" I said awkwardly as he pulled me closer to him.

"You know I don't get. He supposed to protect us, but yet here you are having been eaten by a great plant and cursed by a guy that's supposed to be dead. I could protect you better than that", He raved as his arms tighten their grip on me.

"I doubt that. Ty's doing his best", I huffed out angrily.

"Well, you haven't seen me fight. I bet I could put on a good show for you." He purred in my ear.

Then he leaned in and I realized that he was trying to kiss me!

I panicked and started coughing violently as an excuse to create more space between us, but his arms keep me from leaving.

However, my violent coughing caused Ty to stir in his sleep. I was felt with relief when his electric blue eyes open. Those eyes then narrowed angrily as he saw the scene before him. 

When he looked to me I gave him an uneasy smile. I hoping he would get the message to help. When He smirked back at me I knew he did.

"Oh, good Jason you're here. You can go get more firewood." Ty said as he stood up and place a hand on Jason's shoulder.

Jason glared back at him, but he then signed and shuffled away. Ty's eyes followed Jason until he was gone. Then he kneeled down and smiled at me as he pulled me into a hug. 

"Thank god. You're okay, but please don't even do that again." Ty said as he held me tighter.

"I'll try not too", I laughed.

"Please don't. Zerefs spells ain't easy to break, especially his curses... And I don't what you to go through that pain again." He said quietly as he broke the hug leave me cold. 

"How did you break a curse?" I questioned.

" Well, curses are strongest in their caster present. So when Zeref fled I tried to use my own magic to break it. Even in Zerefs weakened form, his spells are still a force to be reckoned with. I didn't believe my magic would be enough to break it, or that I wasn't strong enough to save you. But for once I'm glad I was wrong." 

"You and me both.", I laughed.

Neither of us said anything as we rested against another. After a while of silence, I worked up the courage to speak.

"How are you? I mean after last night with...", I trailed off not knowing wither to say Zeref or Sardis.

He sighed deeply before answering.

"Well, it eases my mind to know that Sardis' actions were not his own and that he's fighting Zerefs control. There may be a chance that I can save him."

"If there is we'll find it, together."

"Together", he said taking my hand in his.

He smiled warmly down at me and the action caused me to blush.

Attempting to hide it I looked down and the bloody bandages on his side.

"How your side?" I asked quickly trying to change the subject.

"It's fine as is the rest of me."

"Good, Good."

He laughed slightly at my words as he stood up letting go of my hand as he did.

"I'm going to go get the others. We need to start planning our next move. I'll be back. You stay here a rest. Okay."


Ty walked off as I heard a familiar voice in my head.

"He's lying"

 I quickly turned around and saw Athena laid on the ground behind me.

"What are you talking about?"

"Ty. He said he's well but he's far from it."

"What do you mean?"

"He used too much of his own magic to break the curse Zeref placed on you. He doesn't have any left."

"No magic? That can happen?"


"Then that means no lightning.... or accelerated healing."

"He's in pain."

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