~ ten ~

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I sat impatiently at the phone next to my bed, waiting to hear that weak ring and to quickly shuffle over to pick it up... to be blessed by Paul's soft, velvety voice, even if it wasn't in love with me.

Though it killed me to think of us just remaining mates, it seems as though that's the way things oughta stay... for a while, anyroad. I'll either accept that fact or go against it and try to make that boy fall in love with me right back. Honestly, I'm still rather unsure of what to do, next.

Suddenly, I heard a ring and jumped to the phone to pick it up immediately.

"Paul?!" I shouted on accident. I cleared my throat to conceal the excitement, "How're ye?"

"John... Why did ye leave us? Wi' out even sayin' goodbye?"

I sat there and twiddled my thumbs, racking my brain for a lie. I shuffled through every corner of my mind for something believable, but there was no use in being dishonest.

"John?" Paul asked in a delicate tone.

"Oh! Yeah, sorry... I jus... heard everythin' George said abou' us and..." I paused for a moment, "I felt a bit awkward stayin' any longer."

Paul sighed, "I was afraid that was the reason. John, I don't have feelin's for ye and I know ye don't feel that way abou' me. George is jus an idiot wi' out any reason! ...I'm really sorry, Johnny."

I know Paul was trying to make me feel better, but hearing him literally tell me he doesn't feel the same way I do just broke me down even more.

I tried so hard to fight the tears, but I just couldn't bother anymore.

"John?! John, is everythin' okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine, McCartney." I sniffled. "I'm a big boy, I can handle meself."

"No yer not and no ye can't! Now, tell me why that is." Paul demanded.

Even though my face was still puffy from crying, I managed to chuckle a bit, "Paul, I'm fine, quit worryin' so much." I paused for a moment, "George may think yer queer for me, now." I joked

Paul laughed in response, making me feel a tad better. "Right, well... ye best get some sleep. I'll see ye 'round."

And with that, the line went dead and I flopped back into my bed.

His little laugh made me smile for what seemed like hours, just staring at my ceiling, gripping my pillow and imagining how his face must've looked. With that adorable little smile on it with tired eyes...

Paul was right, though, I really should try to get some sleep.

I dozed off into a dream and finally felt some type of relief from all of the stress in my life, lately.


Before I knew it, school was unfortunately staring me back in the eyes. Looking up at the familiar building caused nervous shivers to travel up and down my spine.

How could I bare to walk into this place? With George here and all? What was he thinking of me? That I'm just trying to shag his friend, then? That thought alone makes me both laugh and feel pretty damn uncomfortable.

I slumped up the stairs and into the cafeteria, anyroad. Getting a small breakfast before walking to my first class. I bit into an apple before seeing the devil himself, George, walk by with Richard.

He didn't stop to say hello, as he usually did when he saw me in the hallways, so this frightened me a bit more. Should I just go ask him about it? Would that be too invasive?

Ah, too many questions!

Before I could make a decision, he was already far along down the hallway.

After eating, I walked to class with a blank stare on my face, not making eye contact with anyone. I sank down into my seat and folded my hands on top of my desk. Class soon began after and my snores followed close behind.


"Psst." A tiny sound called beside me.

"John." It called once more. I paid no mind.

"John!" It shrilled out, finally, causing me to wake up from my desk.

A finger tapped my shoulder wildly. I turned to the direction it came from and was met with a girl's face.

"Take this." She passed me a tiny folded up piece of paper, "George said he wanted me to give it to you."

I took the note in between my fingers with a snide look, "Jesus Christ, he's gone mad."

"What?" She whispered.

I shook my head, "Nothin', thank ye for givin' me this, love."

The girl blushed a bit, "Don't mention it."

When I was sure the teacher wasn't eyeing me, I unfolded the paper and scanned the words on it.

"Meet me in the washroom on the second floor at 11 o' clock. ~George"

I slammed my fist on my desk and pocketed the note.

"Somethin' wrong, Lennon?" The teacher hissed.

I looked up with an innocent look in my eyes, "Huh? Oh- no, jus... I'm fine." I replied awkwardly.

"Nother outburst like that and yer goin' to be the principal's problem." She growled. "Not mine."

"Right. I'm sorry, Miss." I apologized quietly. Usually, I'd reply with something witty, but I haven't got time to be a prick today.

I rolled my eyes and looked down at my watch. I've got about an hour before I had to go see George. My mind was in a spiral, trying to figure out what the Hell this boy was going to tell me, next. I mean, hasn't he done enough, already?

Second block came rolling around and I was checking the time every few minutes until it was nearly 11.

I raised my hand, trying desperately to hide the jitteriness behind it.

"Yes, Lennon?" Mr. Brighs asked.

I cleared my throat, "May I go to the washroom?"

"Can it wait?" He asked.

"No! It can't." I exclaimed.

"Right, ...Well be quick, then." He pointed towards the door. I hopped out of my seat and dashed down the hallway.

All I could hear was the sounds of my foot steps as I made it to the washroom. Soon after, I heard a pair of shoes following close behind.

I leaned up against the white walls, paying no mind as George fumbled in.

"John?" George called out.

My eyes turned up in the direction the voice came from, "Yeah?"

"Look, we've got a lot to talk abou', okay?" George said while approaching me.

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