Kai x Ein

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As the bell rang indicating school was over I quickly headed over to my locker. Tonight was Halloween and that meant the Halloween dance.

I opened up my locker turning the numbers of the lock 22... 16... 10... with a click the lock opened and I looked around inside.

I yanked my coat from my locker and felt a tap on my shoulder. A shiver went down my spine and I held my coat in my hands. I was spun around this time and slammed into my locker my head hit it hard causing me to groan in pain.

"What a wimp." A cold voice mumbled.

I opened up my eyes and fear immediately surged through my body.

"W-what do you want Ein?" I stuttered holding my coat tight to my chest for comfort.

"Tch nothing just wondering what you're doing tonight shorty." He asked.

Ein leaned into me and put his right hand on the side of my locker to keep me from the exit.

"N-nothing.." I replied looking down at my feet.

He grabbed onto my chin and made me look up at him. I gulped nervously and he began to stare into my eyes. He seemed to be looking my face over like he was trying to find something.


"Shut up, Kai." He said backing away from me.

"Lemme guess you're going to the dance huh?" Ein asked dropping his hand down to the side.

"Y-ye.." I replied nervously but also confused.

"Pfft aren't you too old for that shit." Ein laughed.

"Just fuck off Ein..." I replied pushing him back.

He took a few steps back and raised an eyebrow.

"Getting gutsy huh?" He said as he began to walk closer.

My eyes switched from him to the front door and I slammed my locker shut before sprinting to the front doors.

A hand grabbed onto my arm and I swung my head back.

"Woah Woah Woah where do you think you're going?" I pushed him away from me and continued running.

I shoved the doors open and Ein chuckled behind me.

"See ya tonight kitty." He yelled.

I hurried down the stairs and holding tighter onto my jacket I ran all the way back home.


I walked up the stairs to the school it was 10 pm at night and the Halloween dance had started. This year I dressed up as a vampire. I didn't need fake fangs since my teeth were sharp enough but I did have a cape and fake blood on me.

The school was decorated inside as I made my way towards the gym. As I got closer the sound of music became greater and greater. I could hear Halloween music blasting from inside the gym as I opened up the doors.

The first thing that caught my attention was the food. There were a lot of sweets not just sweets but junk food. There were a few fancy foods like shrimp but nothing too fancy.

I pushed past people to go to the food and once I arrived a smile formed on my face. Picking up a plate I began to stuff food onto it.

"Heh, you should've dressed up as a pig for Halloween." I heard someone laugh behind me.

I turned my head back and froze up in my place. Ein stalked closer to me and took the plate of food from my hand. He began to eat it right in front of me and I turned to face him with my arms crossed.

"And you're supposed to be?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"A werewolf of course." He replied still eating away at my food.

I reached my hand out to grab a strawberry and he moved the plate away. Nodding his head to the side he picked up the strawberry from the plate.

He placed it against my lips and I opened up my mouth to eat it. Chopping down on the strawberry he smiled. I looked away embarrassed and he began to move his finger along my lips.

He traced the shape of my lips a couple of times and I looked back up at him.

"W-what." I choked out.

He took his hand away from my lips and shrugging his shoulders he turned away.

He began to walk away and I only stared at him confused. I bit down on my lip before chasing after him.

He left the gym through the back doors and I followed behind him trying not to get caught.

Ein turned a corner outside and I followed after him. When I turned that same corner a hand went over my mouth and I tried to scream and kick.

I heard someone groan after I kicked them but there grip just got tighter.

"Stop.." The voice mumbled.

I stopped kicking and screaming and they slowly let go of me. I turned to face them and was shocked to see it was Ein.

"That hurt ya know." He said chuckling.

"Sorry..." I replied looking away.

"Don't worry.."

He put a hand on the side of my cheek and I looked up at him. His eyes stared right back into my own and that's when I finally began to take in his details.

Although his eyes were a dull grey you could see bits of green somewhere in them. His hair almost covered one of his eyes and the blue streak actually looked good. As I got lost in his eyes I felt something touch my lips.

I looked back at Ein and his finger traced my lips again.

He gave me a small smile and moving in closer he removed his finger from my lips and replaced it with his lips.

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