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Lemon and Incest Warning if you can't deal with this sorta stuff I'd suggest not reading.

I ran down the hallway of my house carrying a box my mother had asked me to bring to her.

As I passed by my younger brothers room I could hear strange noises from inside. It sounded like some sort of groan or moan. I shrugged it off and hurried over to my mother's study.

When I had arrived I found her reading over papers.

One day, I was to take over the family business. Since I was the oldest after all. I dropped the box down on her desk and she looked up from the papers and smiled at me.

"Thank you Garroth." She said as she took the paper.

I nodded my head and leaving the room I headed back down the hall. This time the noises were louder and I couldn't help but get more curious.

I walked up to my brother's room, Zane and grabbed onto the door handle. Slowly opening it I peeked inside.

I immediately regretted that decision as I stared in awe as well as shock at the scene before me.

Vylad had Zane tied up to the bed. They were both completely naked. Vylad sat on Zane blocking what was happening.

My mouth was dropped and soon Vylad began to move slowly up and down on Zane. I figured out what was going on from there and my heart began to pump out of my chest. My hands became shaky but I could feel myself becoming aroused.

I looked down at my pants to see a bludge in it causing me to gasp out loud. This time the gasp was so loud that they both heard.

Vylad stopped moving on Zane and got up off of him. He turned his head over to the door and we stared at each other in utter surprise.

"I told you we should've been quieter," Zane whispered.

Vylad rolled his eyes at that and walked over to me. I stumbled back a bit but before I could run I was pulled inside of the room. I fell onto the ground and was completely speechless.

I felt my arms being yanked up and I was face to face with Zane. Zane sat on the bed enjoying the view as his eyes wandered.

"I see you liked our little show," Zane mumbled well Vylad brought me closer.

My face turned red and I looked away out of denial.

"Don't deny it Garroth. Just give in!" He said laughing evilly.

I bit down on my lip staring at the ground for a few seconds as I thought.

I didn't get much time to make a choice as Vylad had brought me to the bed and I was now right in front of Zane. Vylad let go of my hands and Zane relaxed on the bed putting his hands behind his head.

I looked down at Zane's member a shiver running through my body as I stared at it. Taking in a deep breath I ignored every thought of this being wrong and moved my head down to his member.

Zane let out a satisfied laugh and I began to lick and suck on the tip teasing him.

As I did so Vylad began to take off my clothes I lifted my legs up to help him get off my pants. When all my clothes were on the floor I went back to sucking Zane. I began to bob my head up and down. Zane moaned out in pleasure and I gasped as I felt something enter me from behind.

I titled my head back to see Vylad inserting himself into me and then roughly moving forward. I moaned out in pleasure and turned back to Zane. Zane smashed my head back down and holding onto my head he began to move me at a crazy speed.

Vylad getting me from behind wasn't helping as I could feel myself slowing giving in more. I moaned out again and began to take all of Zane's member.

Both Zane and Vylad began to moan and I tried to move my hips along with Vylad. He began to speed up as well and I rolled my eyes into my head in pleasure. As I began to suck Zane faster I felt a hot liquid squirt out into my mouth.

Zane let out one last moan and his body relaxed on the bed. I brought my mouth up and his cum dripped from my mouth. Vylad was still smashing into me and as he hit me hard one last time I could also feel a warm liquid inside my ass.

I looked back to see Vylad take it out as the cun dripped from my ass. I dropped down onto the bed and began to breathe heavily.

What had I just done?

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