~ eleven ~

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I remained silent for just a few moments, staring at the boy with a grin slowly spreading across my face.

"What the fuck, George." I laughed. "Yer the most dramatic bloke I've ever met, ye really are."

George crossed his arms and glared back at me, "S'not a joke, ye know. I think we oughta talk abou' everythin'."

I sighed and leaned up against the wall once more, "Oh, this'll be good."

"John, I... I know ye fancy Paul... And... I know ye heard everythin' I said abou' ye." George explained. "I mean, I said it pretty loudly for a good reason."

My face contorted to a look of confusion and slight anger, "George, yer insane. Yer seein' somethin' that jus ain't there." I insisted.

"Shut up, Lennon, I'm not oblivious like the others are!" George shouted, "I see the way ye look at him ...and the way ye can't keep yer hands off him! I know yer bloody queer!"

I glared at the boy and started to lean closer to him, "And why the Hell do ye care so much to know?! Why is it so important to know if I like Paul?! Why are ye pressing me so hard for all this?!" I shouted at George, getting closer to him with every word.

George was now looking up with me, still frustration in his eyes, "I'm worried abou' my best mate, sorry! I don't want him to make the biggest mistake of his life!" George paused, "He's got a girlfriend, anyroad, John."

"Yeah. Exactly." I said, backing away a bit, "There's no way I'd ever want to date a bloke, Geo."

"Yer a shit liar." George snapped. "Ye know what yer doin' is illegal, right?"

"Fuck! What's yer problem, Geo?! Do ye like Paul or somethin'?!" I gripped my hands into a fist.

George threw his head back in laughter, "No, I'm not a fag like ye are, John."

That was it.

I pulled my fist back and slammed it into George's jaw as hard as I could, resulting in him shooting backwards and hitting his head against the wall.

George looked back up at me and rubbed the area I hit, "Ye bastard!" He stood up quickly and jumped at me, resulting in me to grab his hand and pulling it down.

"Go back to class, Geo." I growled quietly, "And quit worryin' abou' everythin' so much, alright?"

He looked back at me with deep hatred in his eyes. Pulling away, he stormed out the washroom.

I chuckled as I pulled a cigarette out of my carton, lighting it between my lips.

"What a weird lad." I said to myself, puffing smoke out as I spoke. I hope he got all the answers he was looking for.

I finally left the washroom after putting the cigarette out in a sink. I then walked down the hallways until I ended up back in my classroom.

"You were gone for a while, weren't you?" The teacher asked as I shut the door behind me.

I paused and smiled nervously, "Trust me, I wasn't doing anything too excitin', now."

The class giggled to themselves as I took my seat in the back.

After school ended, I dreaded to go meet up with the lads. I knew that the second we all see eachother, George is gonna tell Paul everything that had happened. Paul is going to be so confused in why I'd hurt his friend. Paul is going to ask so many questions about me.

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