~ thirteen ~

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Oh, what lovely people, they are. I just feel so welcomed in this little town, my heart may just burst with joy.

I mean, it's painful enough that I lost Paul, I don't need him or that bird to rub it in.

All I want to do is waltz back in there and shout hateful remarks to both of their faces. However, I know that won't solve anything and it'll only drive Paul further from me.

John? Thinking logically? Must be in an alternate bloody universe.

Maybe, just maybe, I can do something to get my mind off of everything that's been happening this... whole time I've been in this stupid town.

Once I got home, I noticed that the house was empty of people. Mimi must be out for a bit, probably at another job interview or something.

I walked down the hallway and into my bedroom, throwing myself on my bed and rubbing my face with my hands, sleepily.

That was hell, but I can't focus on it or else I'll become overwhelmed with emotions that I may cause even bigger problems for myself. The best thing I can do right now is... write.

I lifted my head up from the bed and snatched the journal I had propped on an old box. Tapping a pen on my knuckles, I opened up to a blank page and began to ponder my brain for any thoughts I could write down for future reference. Desperately, I want to write, but it's as though there's some sort of wall in my mind that keeps me from jotting down my emotions.

"Miserable, ye are." I uttered to myself, tossing my pen down on to the floor.

When did I allow myself to become so soft? When did I become someone that let a man, of all things, get in the way of my writing? My happiness?

Without a second thought, I turned to the telephone next to my bed and picked it up. My hand shaking as I gripped my fingers around it. After dialing that familiar number into the keypad, I anxiously waited for an answer.

"Yeah?" A hoarse voice answered.

"Stu!" I greeted the voice.

"Is that ye, John?" Stu asked.

"It is! How're ye?" I replied.

"Oh, I'm doing well, how abou' yerself?" Stu asked.

"I've... been better." I finally admitted.

"Oh no, what's the matter?" Stu asked endearingly. "Ye can talk to me."

I sighed before I spoke again, "Jus... problems wi' me new mates, is all."

Stu groaned, "That's never good. Well... jus know Pete and I would never wanna hurt ye!"

"Yeah... ye've got that right." I replied with stress in my voice. "Ye two are my only true friends still, it seems."

"Well, what even happened?" Stu asked.

Wasn't expecting that response.

"Huh? Oh! Um-" I laughed nervously.

"Spit it out, Lennon." Stu demanded.

I twirled the telephone wire in between my fingers, trying to find a lie that would be believable to Stu.

"Hello?" Stu called out.

"I'm here! It's jus... I don't wanna make ye hate me too." I sighed.

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