~ fourteen ~

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In just seconds, the line went dead, leaving my face blank and emotionless. My heart began to race as I quickly grabbed my backpack and dashed out of my room.

Hurrying down the stairs, I slung my thin coat over me and shuffled over to the front door.

"And where exactly do ye think yer goin'?" Mimi asked as she cocked her head. "Bit late, innit?"

I turned my focus away from putting my shoes on to looking back at Mimi, "It's... a lot, but... Paul needs me now, and I can't leave him be anymore."

"Paul? Ye still talk to him?" Mimi furrowed her brows as she asked. "Thought ye two
were fightin'."

I squinted my eyes, "I honestly am unsure of him, myself... I'll be back soon."

Mimi grabbed my head and planted a kiss on the top of my head, "Please, John, be safe."

I smiled slightly back at her and headed out the door, allowing it to slam behind me as I dashed down the empty, darkened street.

The pavement was covered in water and a faint mist could still be seen in the air, causing a thick fog to hover in the atmosphere. The only light I could see was from the dim-lit street lamps and the faint moon that could be seen through the dense clouds.

Paul is feeling everything I once felt. Everything that made me break. The suffocating reality that everything we love eventually goes away in some way or another. Whether it's by choice or by mere fate, we all have to cross that line. That barrier.

All I want to do is let him cry.


I want him to know he'll always have a shoulder to sob on and a hand to hold. No one should be alone, especially Macca. He doesn't deserve this pain at all.

I sighed as I puffed on a cigarette, staring up at the stars that seemed to dance around the moon.

I stopped dead in my tracks as my mind began to think of the perfect solution to all of this.

...I know exactly what to do to let Paul know that I'm always here for him...

Everytime I took a breath of air, a thin cloud of smoke would escape my lips due to the bitter cold. It's that time of year between Summer and Winter with warm days and freezing nights. To keep warm, I shoved my hands into my pockets.

You may ask why the Hell I'd put myself into such a temperamental situation, but... well, we all know why I'm doing this. I don't think this needs any type of explanation at all.

Finally, I peered through a few more shrubs until I saw a boy sitting down on the ledge of Penny Lake. His head facing down into the water while his hair was flowing into the breeze. Though he looked solemn, he looked gorgeous like this.

I cleared my throat before slowly approaching him from behind, "M- Macca?"

He sighed and turned his head to face me, "Ello there, John." He said under his breath, "Thanks for comin'... even after I-" He began to speak until I cut him off, shielding ourselves from starting off on an awkward conversation.

"Ofcourse. Anythin' for a friend." I said, taking a seat next to the boy. "I am yer friend, yeah?"

Paul chuckled a tiny bit awkwardly, "Yer my best friend and that goes well wi' out sayin'."

I smiled and stared up at the sky as the overbearing silence fell over the two of us.

"She's really gone, Johnny." Paul finally broke the silence with these few words, his eyes welling up with tears.

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