~ fifteen ~

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     "C'mon, Johnny boy, we haven't got all night!" Paul teased me as he ran up the road, "Yer the slowest man alive!"

      I caught my breath and looked back up at the shouting lad, his hair was sticking up in a bunch of different places and his eyes smiled wider than his lips, somehow.

     "Hold on! I was neva' exactly an olympian, ye know?" I laughed through my words.

     "Trust me, I can tell." Paul smiled, "I've seen slugs move faster than ye do!"

     I rolled my eyes as I finally caught up to the boy, who's cheeks were as red as a fire engine. "Why're ye in such a rush, Macca?"

     Paul shrugged his shoulders, "Well, ...I dunno, jus haven't been to yer house in so long... I kinda miss it."

     Paul paused for a moment, "...I've missed ye, John. It's been weeks since we've seen eachova'."

     I crossed my arms, "Yeah, on account of ye hatin' me."

     Paul smirked, "I neva' hated ye, John, I was afraid if anything else."

     "Afraid of what, exactly?" I asked.

     Paul stared up at my house, lighting a cigarette between his lips, "Me own emotions, I guess. Other people's opinions."

     I scoffed a bit, "Yer so damn cryptic, ye know that? Even Richie's told me so."

     Paul nodded in response. "That's fair."

     "So, what made ye decide to... ye know..." I shifted my gaze to the side as I spoke. "Kiss me?"

     Paul chuckled, "Dunno, John, yer lips jus looked a lil lonely to me." He replied sarcastically.

     I glared back, "Seriously, Paul..."

     Paul stopped walking in his tracks and moved infront of me, causing me to halt. He traced my chest with his index finger until it was just underneath my chin, "Let's talk abou' this in private... before somebody hears us."

      I took his hand in my own and nodded my head as we walked on to my porch. I turned the key in the rusted lock before we poured inside the warm house.

     "Ello, Mimi! Paul's over!" I shouted into the house.

      Mimi peered out of the kitchen at us, sipping a hot cup of tea. "Oh, Paul!" She hurried over and hugged the boy, "Is everythin' alright? John told me ye were havin' troubles."

      Paul's face immediately shifted into a frown, assuming he remembered what had happened with his Mother. "I'm... okay, now. Thanks for askin' me, miss."

      Mimi smiled, "If ye boys need anythin', let me know!" She then walked back into the kitchen after ruffling Paul's hair.

     "After ye?" I asked, allowing Paul to walk infront of me down the hallway.

     Paul nodded formally, before opening my bedroom door and allowing himself to collapse on my unmade bed.

     I shut my bedroom door quietly before joining him on the mattress. Worried about his reactions from before, I decided to drop the kissing subject for now.

     "Now, is everythin' okay?" I asked, cupping my hand around his cheek.

     He pursed his lips, "I- I honestly don't know, Johnny."

     "I understand that, Macca, I do. S'not an easy thing to accept, but jus know I'll always be wi' ye through it all." I paused, "And that's a promise."

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