~ seventeen ~

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     "One. Two. Three. Four!" Paul shouted as I began to strum up a tune.

     "Well, she was just - seventeen! Well, you know - what I mean! And the way she looked - was way beyond compare!" He continued.

     "So, how could I dance with another? Ooh, when I saw her stan-din' there." The rest of us joined in and sang.

     As the rest of the practice set was wrapping up, we slowly became more tired by the minute.

     "Can't we take a break now, lads?" Richard whined, "If I play another beat, I may keel over!"

     I rolled my eyes, "I'm surrounded by a bunch of wusses!"

     I layed my guitar against the side of Paul's dresser and wiped my face down with a cloth. Looking over at Paul, I noticed he was doing the same thing. His hair looked so perfect, sweat and all! All I wanted to do was run over and hug that boy and leave a trail of kisses down his neck.

     With a cheeky smirk, I ran over and wrapped my arms quickly around his waist and burried my face into his neck, causing him to laugh and flinch back.

     "John, stop that!" He laughed, "Seriously, now! C'mon!"

     I let go and tossled his hair, "Pretty boy... I jus can't resist!"

    George sent me a weary look after I spoke. I loved messing with his head.

    "Yer something else, Lennon!" Paul chuckled, fixing his now wrinkled clothing and messy hair, "Do that again and yer dead!" He joked.

"I'd like to see ye, try!" I replied with a smug grin.

     Paul threw playful punches at my groin, causing me to go into a fit of laughter. My laughter must've been contagious, as Paul began to giggle himself.

     I stayed silent for a moment, taking in all of the awkward glances George and Richard were giving us.

     I can't handle this awkward tension any longer!

     "...Ah, ye oughta tell 'em, Macca." I suggested, "They're bound to find out at some point, ye know?"

     Paul's expression changed drastically, looking up at George's concerned face.

    "Tell us what, John?" Richard asked.

     I chuckled a bit, "Oh, dunno..."

     "John-" Paul began to butt-in.

    "Spit it out, Lennon!" George shouted over the lad.

    "It's nothin'..." I said before looking at Paul for approval.

     Paul looked nervous beyond belief, but wasn't opposing me from announcing the truth.

     "...Jus that... Paul and I are a couple, is all!" I replied in a smug tone.

     Richard blinked his eyes and cleared his throat, "A... a what?" Rich cleaned out his ears, "Did I hear that right?"

     "A couple?" George seemed dumbfounded. "...Paul and... ye are..?"

     Paul finally looked up from the floor, "Hah! Always up for a gag, is John!" He laughed anxiously.

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