~ nineteen ~

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She's right there, you know. Only but a few meters away. Come on. Don't you wanna be with Macca, finally?

You know should just toss that damn note away, though, and tell her the truth. You love Paul and he loves you back. That's all you have to do, Lennon, quit being so difficult, now while you've still got the time.

There's a trash bin right there. This note idea is so daft anyroad, and you know it. You really think she'll believe you when you tell her "Oh yeah, Paul wrote this, he did." You've done some irrational shit in the past, but this takes the damn cake!

You're much smarter than this! I mean, what's Macca gonna say when he finds out you lied to her? A better question would be, what is Jane gonna do?

Paul is just one boy. He's taken. It's his responsibility to leave her, not your's, John.

Am I really talking in third person to myself?

Jeez, how soft has he made you?

I shook off those same worrisome thoughts and shuffled over to the red-haired bird, tapping her shoulder gently. The expression smothered on to her face looked concerned and kind of offended that i'd even fathom the idea of bothering her.

"Ello, there." I smiled, "Jane, yeah?"

"Uh huh... and you are..?" She asked with an edge to her words.

"We've... we've met before..." I explained slowly.

"Oh yeah. You're Paul's mate, right?" She asked, turning her attention from her friends back to me. "Ron?"

I was way too nervous to correct her, "R- Right, yeah..." I stuttered out.

"What do ye need from me, then?" She chuckled a tad as she asked. "I ain't Paulie, if ye couldn't tell that by now!"

I laughed a little, "I don't need anythin' from ye, Jane. It's more of-" I tried to explain myself until she spoke over me.

"Surely, ye could just talk to Paulie about... whatever it is you need. Ye know that ye an' I... don't have to be friends, as well..." She snapped at me a bit, making me feel a lot less sorry about lying straight to her face.

I took a deep breath and looked down at the paper, "Whatever, Miss, jus read this when ye can. Paul wrote it... for ye. It jus explains everythin' that has happened, I guess..."

She furrowed her brows curiously and snatched the paper out of my hands, causing me to reel back a bit from surprise. Being around her was like waiting for a time bomb to explode in your face, I swear.

"Paul wrote it, huh?" She replied in a more soft, friendlier voice. "Why?"

I had no answer, I just simply shrugged my shoulders and lit the end of a cigarette.

Jane then read over the lazily scribbled words and mouthed them to herself before reading it out loud a second time to ensure she was reading it correctly and not just seeing things.

"Jane. I hope this letter finds you well. I'm sorry I couldn't ring you or visit instead, but I've got no time for that, now. Jane... my family and I are moving away and I'm afraid we won't be able to continue our relationship any longer. I hope you can move on and be happier elsewhere. Goodbye." She read, sounding more hurt after each word fell off her lips.

"John, what the Hell is this?!" She asked, wrinkling the note in her hands, "What is he on abou'?!"

"G- Good question." I replied. "Wish I had an exact answer, me self!" I tried my hardest to sound sincere and convincing.

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