The new assistant

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Maine's pov

"Can you pass me those papers?" James spoke and I was surprised, the couple days I've been at this job James never talked to me.

"Oh, sure. This one?" I held up a paper with notes that were highlighted with highlighter.

"Yeah." He nodded. I hand him the paper. I kept on smiling for a few seconds after that interaction.

"Hey Maine can you get the papers I printed in the printer room?" Melida asked, with a hint of bossiness.

"Okay." I stood up and left the room. Only to realize that I have no clue where the printers where. I checked every room in the 5th floor but no door was labeled, Printers.

I was just figuring out where they could be when someone bumped into me. "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" I turned around to see a girl that was dressed in a white blazer and white pencil skirt. She also had red shiny hair.

"Oh, it's okay." I said.

"I really am sorry. I was just looking at these papers and I wasn't really watching where I was going." I just noticed she had a British accent.

"No, it's okay." I smiled.

"Oh, well, My name is Daniella, you?"

"Maine. I was actually going to the printers, do you know where they are?"

"Oh! I actually was going there too!" She exclaimed. "Let's go together!"

"Okay." I smiled.

"So you're our boss's new assistant?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm so very glad I got this job!" She smiled. Where was Mr. Rose?

"Yah I'm glad." I say quietly. I didn't know what was going on with me but the thought of her being Zach's new assistant, made me feel a bit mad. Ughh what is going on with me?

"So what took you so long?" Melida asked.

"Oh, you know, just got a little bit lost." I awkwardly laugh.

Zach's pov

Knock knock

"Who is it?"

"It's Daniella! Your new assistant."

"Come in." I sighed.

Suddenly the door opened. "Here's the papers you printed." She said putting a stack of paper on my desk. 

"Thank you." A few seconds. "You can go now." I said annoyingly.

"Oh, yes, sorry!" She said nervously and left my office. I couldn't handle having a new assistant right now, and she didn't know how to do things correctly. I asked for a glass of water and she gave me a can of soda.

"Can you stop standing there and do something useful?!" I yelled, it was an hour later and she did nothing but stand there. She could've checked my schedule and see what I'm doing this afternoon, but nope. She's too stupid that I have to tell her to do things instead of knowing what to do by herself.

"I'm sorry!" She said looking scared. Then she ran out of my office and I couldn't help but sigh. I only had a few more to do then I can finally rest.

Maine's pov

I went to the cafeteria because I was getting hungry only to see, Daniella? She was sitting on one of the chairs and laying her head on the table, crying.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked seating beside her.

"No." She sobbed.

"What's the problem?"

"It's just that our boss is really harsh." I clenched my jaw, how could he be so mean to her? Daniella seemed lovely. "And I don't want to lose my job, this is my last job to prove my dad wrong that I can get a job." She said softly.

"I see."

"Hey, what if, you take my job!"

"Wait what?"

"Help me, you can be his assistant while I do your job! I never said to my dad that my job was to be an assistant, and when he comes visit me do my job, after that I can switch with you until Mr. Rose is healthy and well." She was saying, while I was confused.

"Wait so you want me to do your job for a day when your dad visits you and then we can switch?" I said curiously and lost.

"Yes. So will you do it?" She exclaimed grabbing my hand.


"Thank you so much Maine!" Suddenly her phone was ringing. "Well I gotta go Maine! We'll talk later!" Then she left.

I just got assigned to be Zach's assistant. I'm doomed.

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