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I sat in a chair as I put on my wraps. I made sure to tighten each wrap and once they were on I got up off the chair and walked over to the large mirror hanging in the training centre. I pushed my hair back and taking out a hair elastic I began to tie it up. I stared at myself in the mirror for a few minutes and smiled at myself as I was finally ready to train.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see my friend Katelyn running over to me. She threw a pair of boxing gloves at me and I caught them. I gave her a smile and she returned on.

"You ready?" She asked well putting on her gloves.

I nodded my head and putting on my gloves we walked into the ring.


I was breathing heavily as we stepped out of the ring. I sat down on the edge and Katelyn sat down beside me. She was breathing heavily as well and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"Good match." She mumbled in between breaths.

I laughed and nodded my head. I heard someone laugh beside us and I turned over. The coach walked over to us and gave us a wide smile.

"Good round girls."

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"Listen this weekend we are having a BBQ so you are welcomed to come you can spar or using the punching bags if you'd like."

My eyes lit up at the thought of food and he laughed again.

"Ye I'll go." Katelyn said.

"Sure." He gave us another one of his wide smiles and walked away.

I looked over at Katelyn and she shrugged her shoulders.

"Not like we have anything better to do."

I jumped down from the ring side and she followed after me. Putting away our stuff we grabbed our bags.

"Want to come with me when we go?" I asked as I held open the front door for her.

"Sure." She said as she headed out the door.

"See ya tomorrow then." I waved goodbye to her and walking in the opposite different I made my way home.

~1 Day Later~

I woke up in my bed stretching my arms out as the sweet smell of breakfast entered my nose. I quickly got out of bed and hurried down the hallway to the kitchen. My mother had finished making breakfast and it was placed on the table. She gave me a small smile and I sat down at the table.

"You better get ready after this its going to start in about an hour." I cringed at that thought knowing It took around 40 minutes to get there.

I began to shove my breakfast into my mouth quickly eating it and ran back into my room. I grabbed my bag full of boxing stuff and there was a loud knock on my front door. I put on my clothes and then sprinted to the door with a hair elastic in my mouth.

My mother already opened up the door and Katelyn was waiting inside. She exited out the door and waving to my mom I followed after her.


We finally arrived at the place on entering I dropped my stuff and quickly ran to a bag. I looked over to see Katelyn talking with the coach. She walked over to me when she was done and gave me a strange look.

"What he say?"

"Apparently people from another boxing place are coming by for the BBQ."

"Ah shit." I mumbled.

Katelyn walked away from me as she was called over to the coach again and I walked over to the mirror. I took the elastic out off my mouth and flipped my hair into a pony tail. More people began to walk in and after some time I noticed someone who wasn't familiar.

The coach and Katelyn walked over to an older looking gentlemen and he introduced her to him. I raised an eyebrow confused and noticed a few other people behind him.

I backed away from the window and walked over to a chair so I could listen into there conversation. I began to put my wraps on using it as an excuse to sit down.

"Its been awhile how are you!" I heard the coach say.

"Great thanks for inviting us!"

I looked over from the corner of my eye to see two guys step out from behind him.

"And where do you two think your going?" He asked glaring at them.

They both gave him cold looks and he laughed.

"These two here are the best boxers in the whole thing pretty young to!" He said smacking one of them on the head.

"Ah well this here is one of mine as well not sure where the other is- oh wait there she is!" I looked out of the corner of my eye again to see him pointing at me.

"Come over and introduce yourself." He said smiling.

"Do I have to?" I asked shyly.

He laughed again and before he could speak someone else did,

"Why don't we leave the intros for later."

He was a male seemed to be around the same age of both Katelyn and I. He wore a red hoodie but the selves were gone. A hood was over his head and only small bits of his black hair could be seen.

He looked over at me and I looked back at him slightly embarrassed as I looked away.


It had been an hour since they had arrived. For a whole hour I had been way too distracted to anything as my eyes were kept on him. I could see him glance at me every now and then and being too nervous to do anything I made my way over to the table with food. I picked up a plate forgetting about him as I began to pile it up with different foods. I licked my lips and then turned around. The moment I turned around I hit someone. I blinked a few times and looking up I noticed it was the guy in the red hood.

"Sorry..." I mumbled.

"I've notice you staring at me ever since I got here." My face flushed red and I tried to walk around him.

He grabbed onto my arm and I turned back.

"Hey hold up you can't just leave like that."

"T-Too late." I ripped my arm away from him and walked back over to my chair.

He followed after me and stood in front of me when I sat down.

"You can't just ignore me now." He said annoyed.

"Why not?" I asked stuffing my face with food.

"Cause you obviously like me." His words took me aback causing me to choke on my food.

I began coughing and when I had swallowed the food I looked up at him.

"Your really cocky." I mumbled.

"Well isn't it true?" He asked getting a little closer to my face.

"I guess it could be." I replied shrugging my shoulders. I put my food down on the chair beside me and got up off mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he looked at me confused. I moved my head over to his ear and whispered,

"Fight me"

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