~ twenty ~

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      I took Paul's frail hand into my own and we began to walk down the hallway towards my bedroom where we would practice music for today.

     Hopefully, everything is alright with his father and him, I hate being so worried sick about this boy!

     "So, how come yer old man and ye were bickerin' like that?" I asked out of the blue. "Heard ye all the way outside, I did!"

     Paul's eyes widened a bit as he searched his brain for an answer, "Well... Yenno... Wi' me mother's death and all-" His voice was a shakey mess. "He has been really wreckless lately and I think it's really-"

     "Right. I'm sorry, darl'." I interrupted him so that he didn't have to break his own heart with his words.

     Paul half-smiled and nodded slowly as we continued down the hallway to my room. I jiggled the handle to open the door and we made our way inside and sat on my messy bed.

      He took his bass out of his guitar case and began to tune the thin strings. While he turned the knobs at the top of the neck, he looked up and made eye contact with me as I watched.

     "Jeez, Johnny, am I that entertaining?" He giggled as he asked.

    "Anythin' ye do is pleasant for me to watch, ye know that." I sighed lovingly. "Now, let me get my guitar."

     I stood up off of the bed we were sat on and walked over by my window where my guitar was leaning and picked it up carefully.

     "Shit!" Paul gasped out of nowhere.

     "Is everythin' alright, Macca?!" I asked in a fearful tone.

     "We forgot to ring George's house! I bet Rich and him are already on their way to my place, shit, shit, shit!" He cursed at himself, "What should we-"

     I placed my index finger upon his tender lips, silencing his worries. "Shh, don't worry. Let me try and ring 'em."

     Paul nodded with pouted lips as I stood up and strutted over to his landline. I dialed up George's digits and waited for an answer, anxiously.

     "Ello?" He called out.

     "George! It's me, John." I said, looking over at Paul's nervous little face.

     "Oh. What's the matter?" George replied in a displeasing voice.

     "Paulie and I are at his house 'cause his da' is actin' out. Ye lads mind meetin' us here... at my place?" I asked. "I'm a street down from Paul's."

     George sighed, "N- No problem. Rich and I are still at my place, anyroad. Be there in a bit."

     Paul chimed in, "We'll leave the door unlocked, jus walk to his room!"

     George chuckled, "Right. Be there soon."

     The line went dead, so I placed the telephone back down in it's original place.

     Paul took a sigh of relief as I joined him back on the bed, his lips pursed as he played random cords. He began to sing a little tune quietly to himself, but I listened carefully.

     "As I write this letter... Send my love... to you... Remember that I'll always... be in love with you!" He sang.

     I smiled a toothy grin as he continued, "Treasure these few words 'till we're... together... Keep all my love... forever... P.S. I love you!" He finished.

     "That's all I've got so far, but I hope that eventually we could-" He spoke until I interrupted him by pouncing on to his lips, placing my hands upon his shoulders.

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