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I open my eyes slowly and see the calming mint green ceiling across mine.

Before the clock rings I already dismissed it, as I always do.

That is the routine of my body and mind wakes up early than the demented alarm.

I always taught myself how to be independent when it comes to things that I can do without any help of someone or even something.

However here's the thing,my mother always bringing up the precautions that I need to remember or else my life will be damn well, damned already.

I execute myself away from the bed and fix it on how my mother used to fix it before, she doesn't want anything out of place in this house oh I mean OUR house.

I did my hair first then, wash my face and brush my teeth.

When I headed downstairs first thing I smell is the appetising aroma of the breakfast.

As expected she lefts a note again on the top of the table it says ' won't make it till dinner but you can heat up your foods and make sure before you leave that all the doors and windows are locked okay'

Yep she's definitely my mother all caring and loving and all but oh please you can enter the sarcasm here.

It's not that I can't handle myself and all due to the fact that I'm still a toddler well kind of but ofcourse I know how to walk it's just that there's a possibility and all that I can hurt myself considering I'm still young.

But that's not all matters now I think.

I sighed. And quickly finish my breakfast and brought it down the sink.

Another day huh.

After I finish with all the dishes I headed upstairs and ready my bath and clothings.
After that I ready my bag and set myself to the bathroom.

While I'm watching the flow of water on the bathroom floor , I remember the memories that can be picture as a hopeless dream about that I'm still relying on.

For the second time I sighed.

Unusual or so I thought.


Boring right?

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