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' won't make it till dinner but you can heat up your foods and make sure before you leave that all the doors and windows are locked okay'

I simply put the note on top of the table.
I know that kid has an astute thinking .

Another day to start, I place my wallet and phone on my bag then walk towards the door and open it.

I headed to the waiting shed to ride the bus . I glance at my watch and saw that I still have 1 hour and 16 minutes left before the start of work.

When the bus came I rode quickly and set myself to the nearest seat.

I open my phone and call Mrs. Agenta, she's the teacher of my daughter Casey .

'Hello good morning Mrs. Agenta are you busy today?'

'Oh hello Ms. Janette good morning to you too you always ask that question are you busy today ofcourse I always have time to check on Casey she's one of my students you know. Don't worry I'm always checking on her and if there's a problem I will call you okay'

'I really appreciate all the things that you did for the two of us. That's why I'm very thankful that my daughter has a wonderful teacher like you thank you Mrs. Agenta you don't know how much this means to me thank you'

' Your very much welcome I'm willing to help as long as I can. But I wish that she knew all the things that you do for her and appreciate that . Are you sure that you don't want her to know this?'

' I assure you that child is capable of knowing that all by herself, she's astute enough for a child such as herself'

' Hmmm. Okay I understand Ms. Janette hope you'll not regret this when the time comes. I'm gonna hung up now I will just inform you about her, goodbye have a nice day'

' Don't worry I'm ready for all the consequences and again thank you for all your gratitude towards us, goodbye have a nice day too Mrs. Agenta'

I quickly put my phone into my bag, then stare at the cascading view in front of me.

And before I knew it I already lost what's happening around me.

There it goes again the memories that I keep forgetting in my mind but those memories keep getting back too.

I winced as my head bangs against the front seat that's when I return to the reality. I realized that I'm near to my work so I ready myself to get off the bus.

Well that didn't end well.



I'm not good in writing but still I want to try .


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