Being his assistant

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Maine's pov

So. This happened.

I'm here in my boss' s office, Daniella gave me the key, looking at my camera making sure my face isn't dirty. I can't believe I got forced to be in this position. It's 8:00 in the morning I'm just waiting for Zach, it was weird since Daniella told me he always comes at 7:00.

I wonder why he's taking so long.

I also wonder how everyone is taking in Daniella being my replacement for today.

Melida's pov

"Do you see her sitting on Maine's chair?" Jack whispers to me.

"Yah. I see her." I reply.

I wake up get ready, get my little brother ready for school and I come to work seeing a girl with really shiny red hair with a big smile on her face sitting on Maine's chair. Where the heck is that girl?

"So why are you here again?" Jack asks for the second time and the girl, Daniella replies for the second time, politely.

"I'm Maine's replacement for today!" Yup, that was all she said. It was like she thought that simple sentence will make us understand the whole situation, which was 100% false.

"Uh huh." Jack said flatly and going back to work.

I saw Patrick from his table covering his mouth containing his laughter.

"Hey how do you do this?" The girl asked James. James just looked at her with a blank expression, meanwhile the girl was smiling widely. Was this girl always smiling?

"Daniella, you see James doesn't really talk to anyone-"

Suddenly James did something that surprised us all. He actually scooted closer to her and helped her. Wow.

Maine's pov

Seriously how long is he planning for me to wait? Well actually how long does he want his new assistant to wait?

If he doesn't get here in 1 minute I'm leaving and storming to my original work place, and sitting on my comfortable leather chair. Kicking Daniella out.

Suddenly as I was about to leave the door burst open, which made me freeze.

"I'm sorry, things just got caught up this morning." His deep husky voice spoke.

He walked closer to his desk and stopped, looking at me with a shocked and confused expression. And I was too, and a little hint of nervousness. My forehead was starting to sweat, I couldn't handle this, I don't think I can face him.


"Goodmorning sir! I'm your new assistant." I smiled closing my eyes.

"You're kidding me right? Where's that Daniella girl?" He asked his tone getting angrier.

"Umm, well we, she told me to come here." I gulped. This wasn't going well. Well what do you expect? Seeing your ex standing in your office saying that she's your new assistant wouldn't be a very pleasant experience.

A few minutes later and Zach is calling Daniella on the phone. He took a glance at me and I looked down, and played with my fingers.

"Daniella come here this instant!" He yelled making me jump. "What the fuck do you mean you can't come here?!" A few seconds of probably Daniella explaining.

"I don't care about your excuse, your dad will be disappointed anyway, if he sees you working like what you did yesterday." He chuckled. "He'll kick your butt, your nothing but an arrogant daughter that doesn't know how to do anything right!" And he hung up banging the phone on his desk.


Then he looked at me, his stare piercing through my soul. I thought he was going to yell at me but he didn't instead he said, "make me coffee." Wow, I never would've thought that someone ordering me would make my insides boil, but it did.

What was I his maid?

I sighed and stood up, I felt his stare from behind.

I made coffee and I came back in putting it on his desk. He just looked at it and continued typing while I sat back on the couch and looking through his schedule for today, that Daniella gave me. Along with some notes on what not to do to make him mad.

I watched him pick up the cup and drink slowly like I put poison on it or something. Then he spat the drink out from his mouth, I stood up.

"What's wrong?" I asked, surprisingly worried.

"There's no sugar in this coffee." He glared at me and I shrieked inside. He was never so mean to me.

"I didn't know you wanted sugar."

"Do you think I'm that bitter of a person to like bitter coffee?" He asked with a dangerous tone. I shook my head. "Throw this shit away and get me a new one with two spoons of sugar." He spat.

"But I could just add the sugar."

"Do what I say." He spoke with gritted teeth.

"Yes, sir." I really hate calling him sir. And I really hate being his assistant.

Zach's pov

I was shocked to see Maine, in my office. I was also very angry at the same time, my blood boiled when I heard Daniella's excuse. Daniella's just been working for a day being my assistant and she has the nerve to pull something like this? Especially forcing Maine to trade jobs with her.

I couldn't careless if her father are great friends with my father, the moment I see her, things won't look well for her and her father.

And for Maine, I hate seeing her in my office. It brings back memories of us together. And I hate this feeling, I hate the whole idea of her working in my office, the whole idea of her working in my company. But I can't seem to let her go. And it's so stupid of me to think that I'm so weak whenever it comes to her.

No Zach, you will not let her in, you will not let her get the best of you.

That's why I'm being hard on her. She will not win.

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