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name ; avery harper rogers

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name ; avery harper rogers

age ; eighteen

birthday ; 29 december 

star sign ; capricorn

height ; 5 ' 3

eye color ; blue

hair color ; platinum blonde

visage ; elle fanning

sexuality ; heterosexual

ethnicity ; irish / american

occupation ; college student / waitress at the cornelia street cafe 

education ; freshman in college

parents ; steven rogers and rachel leighton ( biological ) ; wanda maximoff ( adoptive mother )

siblings ; n / a

hobbies ; photography , sketching , reading , playing on the swings

abilities ; reading / viewing / manipulating her aura , as well as other people's. this means she can summon her aura and turn it into usable energy and temporarily solid objects. she can also summon the auras of others and do the same, but it takes a lot more energy to do so, as she has to call upon her own first.

phobias ; abandonment, isolation, clowns

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