Chapter 2

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Sunflower's point of view:

I was crying.

Not like crying with joy, but with sadness. My friend was trying to comfort me. "I miss him. I miss him so much." I managed to say. "Don't cry anymore, ok? Your going to flood the room." She says. My friends name was Trista. A sunflower. My name was Sun. "Are you joking?" I squeak. "No. Seriously. Please stop." She says with seriousness in her voice. I finally stop crying. I lost my boyfriend a week ago and I still can't get over the fact that he's gone. "How long are you going to keep this crying up?" Trista asked. "Until I meet someone I like again." I answered. "Well, how long will that happen?" She asked. "As fast as I can. Which I know is probably not the best idea." I  say with a sigh. "Of course it isn't." She says. "Try to find a peashooter this time ok?" Trista suggested. "I don't want to see you hanging out with a chomper or a cactus. Plus, peashooters have a great and polite personality." "Uh, ok. I'll try to find one that I like." I say with a groan. I know Trista always has the best romance tips. Especially for beginners. 

"Hey Sun." Crazy Dave calls. "Can you energize the cabbage-pults?" "Sure." I reply. I wanted to get out of the soggy carpet room. I get to the roof and started pumping out sun. "Thanks." Says a cabbage-pult. "No problem!" I answer.

I started to the kitchen to make dinner for the plants. "Let's see what's for today." I talk to myself. "Sun pizza and nighttime hot dogs!" I exclaim. I get right to work making my favorite meal of the week. I call to everyone through the house speakers. "Dinner is ready!" I say. All the plants came storming down the stairs and running out of the elevator. Everyone took their seats while some of the plants served the right food to the right plants. "Everyone, let's eat!" I yell as I gobbled down my pizza. I finished before most of the other plants did. As I was walking out I brushed someone's stem. "Oh, I'm sorry." I said to the plant. "No worries." He chimes and turns around. "Oh. I believe we never met before. My name is Jay." "My name is Sun." I said. "Well then, I hope we meet each other again." Jay said in a polite way. "Bye!" I said as I went upstairs to my room. "Did you meet anyone that you like?" Trista asked as soon as she came into the room. "No. Not anyone that I like." I answered. "But I did find someone." I say. "Oh? Who is it?" She asked. "Well, his name is Jay..." I started to say until she interrupted me. "Wait! THE Jay?!" She said a little shocked. "Well, his name was Jay." I said. "OMG! Listen, Jay is the leader of all plants and second in command! While Crazy Dave is first. He is the perfect boyfriend for you!" She was so excited while saying that. "Whoa!" I yelled. "Calm down a little bit there!" I felt like she could've blown herself up!


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