Chapter 11 (G!P)

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Now that Y/N's parents were added to the already difficult equation, it seemed that Ally and I were both more on edge than before. Nobody else was aware of what happened or why the security had been amped up, but they also didn't question what was now going on at the facility. I knew Y/N could tell that I was tense, but she never pressured me to say anything; she didn't even mention anything. The only reason I could tell that she knew what was going on with me was because she would give me pointed looks every once in a while-looks that screamed she knew what was up but that she also wasn't going to press any further. For that I could be thankful, because I really didn't know what I was supposed to tell her if she were to ever ask. I couldn't explain to her that her parents had suddenly resurfaced and were trying to continue ruining her life.

I don't know how she would react to such news, but I honestly didn't want to risk the chance that it very well could go bad too quick for anyone to comprehend. Normani hadn't been able to recover any more news on Y/N's family since the first time, but she was also one of the very people that knew what was going on and that also made her tense like the rest of us. There was a very weird vibe transpiring in the facility but yet there was no one to question it or try to change any part of it. Y/N on the other hand seemed to be taking a step back on her progress after our shared kiss was interrupted by Ally coming into the room and ushering me out. Some days Y/N would be good, yet others she seemed to lose control more often than not. I wasn't sure on how to help, because all the distractions I have tried ended up failing in the end.

It seemed like we were truly heading straight for square one with everything else going on. I had tried cheesy games for the two of us to play, but Y/N's shaking limbs would irritate her even more until she was at the cusp of blacking out once more. She would grow angry with the stares she would receive on a daily basis, and she even had an outbreak pointed towards some other patients that she had caught looking at her several times. The exact memory continued to play throughout my head like a movie. We were trying to enjoy a lunch together out of her cooped up room, but that proved to bite me in the ass once I caught the familiar symptoms of Y/N's disease creeping up on her. Various veins popped out on her arms and on her temple, as her jaw clenched and unclenched.

Y/N also tried to clench her fists together, but that did her no good. In a matter of seconds before I could even think about stopping her, the taller girl had already spun up and out of her chair into a standing position; her frame seeming much larger than it usually does as she menacingly glared at the people in the room. "What the fuck are you all looking at? It's not like you all aren't in the same place I am, dealing with the same struggles! You're all fucking crazy too! Stop staring at me!" Y/N had yelled out like her life depended on it. Her jugular vein popped out from the side of her neck, almost ready to burst by the looks of it. I'm sure her blood pressure had been soaring by that point. At her words, some people managed to look away as others turned their heads to see what the commotion was about.

Y/N took a step forward to the closest person that had been staring at her; that's when my body had finally allowed me to move from where I was previously rooted to my spot. I barely managed to squeeze in between Y/N and the other patient before she was able to do anything she would regret. When Y/N's eyes met mine, they were severely darkened but not yet black like I had expected them to be. "Y/N, you need to calm down." I explained in nervousness. I didn't know what could have happened had she not listened to me. Thankfully, the taller girl didn't make any move to step closer to anyone else; instead, she lifted her gaze to once again glare at those who she felt was staring at her. "Let's go back to the room." I advised after a beat.

That had led us to the present; currently standing in the elevator in awkward silence as I could still tell that Y/N was seething in anger. It certainly wasn't as bad as before to where I was anticipating a blackout, but I wasn't okay with it nonetheless. I wanted to make sure that nothing would ever hurt her, and that coincides with the idea that I don't want her so angry about something that someone else did to her. If I was able to stop her from experiencing any hardship, I would do so in a heartbeat. Y/N didn't deserve to be treated the way she was by everyone else because they simply didn't understand her.

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