Chapter 19

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Abhinay pov


Utter silence ....

As soon as I realised something hit me on my face, I was shocked, frozen at my place.

I looked down, only to get more shocked and my temper flared.

Bitch just slap me with her slipper !! SLIPPER !! SHE FREAKING THREW HER SLIPPER AT MAFIA LEADER !!

I saw red and clenched my fist more tightly to avoid myself pulling out a gun from insides of my jacket.

This girl hurted my ego. How dare she? She attacked my ego, the thing which I treasured the most... !!

No fucking man, let alone a woman, raises their voice at me and she just... arghh.

I was hysteric and my eyes, murderous.

" BLOODY IDIOT !! YOU THREW YOUR SLIPPER AT ME..!!" I yelled, my anger became ten fold.

I looked at her, only to find her cowering in a corner as she gulped nervously and glanced between the door and me, figuring out how to escape my wrath.

" Y-You called me m-mental. That's why. You deserve this." She tried to act brave as she fumbled with her words.

" HOW FUCKING DARE YOU THROW YOUR SLIPPER AT ME...!?!? YOU JUST DID A GRAVE MISTAKE MY FUTURE BRIDE..." I shouted angrily, my voice raised. She don't understand... stupid idiot..!!

She deliberately did it Abhinay. There was a time your victims shivered with a cold sweat. Now a days, you are getting hit by slipper, wow .. just wow..!! My mind blowed out at me.

" I AM NOT YOUR BRIDE. AND I AM NOT MENTAL..!!" She too shouted confidently breaking my trance, which was quite surprising for me, but her eyes became moist as she continued to look at me with a glare and a pout.

If I was not angry, I would say that pout was cute, tempting enough to kiss her, but my anger blinded me. She fucking insulted me goddammit.. !!

In anger, I stalked towards her, only to be grabbed by Vinay in my way.

" Hey hey Abhi bro calm down. Just calm down man!!" Vinay said frantically, trying to stop me from approaching her.

A big scowl was etched over my face as I turned my face to Vinay with a murderous gaze. I knew, one look at my face and the opponent would shiver in fear.

After recovering from his shock, Viraj too joined him.

" Abhinay just calm down. Your temper, goodness !, You will hurt her just calm down Abhi." Viraj said desperately, trying to calm me down, probably so that I may not end up regretting later by doing something wrong.

I looked furiously and annoyedly at him.

" LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. I WILL SHOW HER, HER DAMN PLACE...!! HOW DARE SHE JUST DID THAT !!" I shouted furiously. I cought her flinched at my voice from the corner of my eye. Good !! she should be scare.

Both of their grips on me tightened. But I was shaking in anger, whereas, this crazy ass girl was shivering in fear, probably realising her mistake.

Just then Viraj came closer to me and whispered, " Abhi calm down, control yourself, do you really wish to kill your bride. What about your mother huh? What will you say then, calm down, just think from your mind goddammit."

I calmed down a bit as I processed what Viraj said and took deep breath.

Relief washed over Vinay as soon as he realised I had visibly calmed down, thus loosened his grip a bit.

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