~ twenty one ~

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     Warmth. That's the only perfect word that I can find to describe how I felt, cuddled in my bed with the man of my dreams as he nuzzled his tired head into my chest and under my head. Warmth. The feeling in my heart when I looked into his closed doe eyes. Warmth. How the covers kept us protected from everyone else in the world. Right now, it was just us two in bed... together.

     The sun began to rise over the forest surrounding my house and caused me to awake with a tired yawn. I blinked my eyes a few times and reached on my bedside table for my glasses that i'd wear until I had time to put my contacts in. I looked down at my boy who was still sleeping on my chest and snoring softly to himself.

     "Macca... It's mornin', now." I called out to him. He readjusted on my chest but didn't wake up. "Let's get up."

     "Hey... Get up, love, I've gotta get to school." I said, shaking his body a bit. "Yenno what Mimi will do if I don't get there in time?"

     Don't get me wrong, I'd love to sleep in this bed with him until the day I die, but if I don't get the class Mimi will kill me.

     Paul finally yawned loudly and looked up at me, "Mornin' already?"

     "Yeah, sleepy-head! Come on, ye should get home, as well." I exclaimed. "Yer father's probably worried sick."

     "Oh, jus five more minutes..." Paul whined, "Or we could jus... stay in bed all day and have a little fun..."

     "Paulie..." I sighed as he kissed against my neck, "Come on... Ye can't coax me into givin' into ye."

     Paul sat on his knees and rubbed his eyes, his chest still bare from before. "Are ye sure..?" He whined, elongating the last word.

     I leaned in and pecked his lips, "I'm positive."

     Paul leaned back into the bed and crossed his arms, "Fine. Yer no fun, huh?"

     "Yer such a baby." I joked around, causing Paul to laugh to himself.

      Oh, I'd kill to hear that laugh again.

     Paul eventually went home while I was getting ready for school and left me to myself. I hated to see him leave, but now we've got no choice.

      I slowly moped my way to school with a solemn expression on my face. With every step, I felt more resentment blossom under my chest.

     I'd rather do anything else but this. Still, atleast I can come home and see Paul once again, right? I can still be with the band and everything.

      Right when everything gets good, I have to leave, isn't that bloody convenient!

     Finally, I made my way up the stairs and back into the school at last. The hallways were crowded with teenagers, as they always were. However, two people caught my eyes in particular.

      "George, Richard!" I shouted and waved in their direction.

      Rich waved in response and George just looked over in my direction with a blank expression. After a while of looking back at them, though, he flashed a half-assed grin.

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