Forbidden Love

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Mature Warning

Lord Chua Chanshin walked inside the room. Yuanji watched as the other man carried himself with elegance. The way he is, the way his muscles defined his shape. Chua Chanshin was immaculate, a feast to the eyes, and watching him at the distance away from the door made Yuanji's chest flutter and made his stomach knotted. It didn't help that he couldn't take his eyes away.

A slight blush crept upon his face, but with all the bruises, Lord Chua Chanshin would never know Yuanji turned deep scarlet for him. 

Lord Chua Chanshin stopped barely an inch away, his leg brushed Yuanji's leg lightly, doing this purposely. Nudging Yuanji to grab the other man's attention. To electrify him, to awaken that sensuous tension swirling between the two of them.

"How are you feeling?" Lord Chua Chanshin asked softly.

"I'm better now that you're on my side."

This made Chua Chanshin loosened a smile. He crouched and placed his hands gently upon Yuanji legs, caressing them. "I'm sorry, I could have been there sooner. I wanted to come to you as soon as I heard about your captivity, but..."

"Hush..." Yuanji moaned. "It's fine, you have the responsibility as the crown prince's subject. Your allegiance to him comes first before me."

"You're all I thought about, each day I couldn't come to you, I went mad. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was ready to come to the Sui palace and rescue you all on my own."

Yuanji smiled, his palm cupped Lord Chua Chanshin's cheek, how long has it been since he touched him like this? Since he stared at the other man's eyes? How long has it been since they were this intimate? A long time. It has been two years at least and he had missed Chanshin so with every second, every breath he took the whole time.  

"I thought of you a lot! I sent He Lian to the south because I knew you would take care of her. And I knew the prince would fall in love with her."

Lord Chua Chanshin chuckled. "That's what I like about you, even in dark times, you contemplated a plan. You're a genius, Yuanji. You always had a plan, you knew what to do, and when to execute them."

"You say more compliments about me, you're going to make me blush."

"I think I would like that. I want to see you blush for me."

"I missed you, Chanshin." Yuanji murmured with heartbreaking tenderness.

"I've missed you, too." Returned Lord Chua Chanshin gingerly. He lifted from his leg and leaned close, his arms wrapped around Yuanji and swallowed him in a tight embrace. He held him there, held him for a long time until their heartbeat matched each other, breathing each other's breath, getting lost in each other's warmth. It was as if they've become one.

That's right, it had been a long time since they were like this. Lord Chua Chanshin was suddenly reminded how good it was, how heavenly Yuanji made him feel. He was his Eden, the only place where he felt safe and comforted. He knew he loves him, and his feelings never changed no matter what the distance between them became. No matter how long they've been separated. Yuanji occupied his mind, he thought of no one and loved no one else, except the man in his arms right now.

"I love you, Yuanji..." He whispered. It was those three words he told his lover, over and over again.

"I can't do this," Yuanji murmured, he squirmed around trying to loosen away from the other man's grip but Chanshin only held him tighter. 

"Don't do long are you going to push me away?" 

"I'm to be the future leader of my clan. I can't be involved with you. Imagine what will my people think, what will they say?"

"...And, I am an imperial subject, a master, the strongest man in the southern kingdom. I would be a clan leader myself if I wasn't dedicated as a kingsguard to the future emperor."

"I can't, this is wrong. No one will approve of this, not my family, not my clansmen. I need to be strong, I need to be a man."

"Loving you doesn't make me less of a man. It doesn't make you less of a man. I do my duty and you do accomplish your responsibility to your house just as effectively. The only difference is we're both men."

"That's exactly what's wrong! Can you imagine what people would do to us? They'll stone us to death if they found out!"

"So, we just hide forever? The clan leader and the imperial subject tangled in a forbidden love?"


Chanshin laughed. "I don't think so, I'll take what I could get and you're aware of that." He buried his head on Yuanji's neck and kissed him on the most sensitive part of his skin. He's done with all the drama, he's done with fighting. "Just like how I'm going to take you right here, right now."

Yuanji laughed, Chanshin's lips felt good on the crook of his neck. He needed this, he needed this comfort, this affection. After all that he'd been through, this was a welcoming change and he wouldn't want it from anyone else.

It made him happy, letting a flirtatious giggle unable to help himself. He missed his lover so, and two years of separation was enough to drive him mad with so much passion this evening. He shifted and met Chanshin's lips. He kissed the bigger man, he kissed every hardened muscle that shaped Chanshin like a god, until the other man writhed in heat, in passion, dying to take Yuanji and make him his.

"Take me, take me as you said, let me feel how much you love me." Yuanji moaned helplessly.

Chanshin needn't be told twice as he picked Yuanji into his arms and carried him to the bed nearby.  

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