BONUS Chapter 2

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"You need to stop pulling your punches. Your not gonna hurt me, Erin." Rhodey tells me.

Both of us stand face to face in Tony's home boxing ring. I guess this was his idea of letting me "train".

"You don't know the half of what I can do, Rhodes." I tease.  

"Then show me what you got!" he challenges.

Before he could add to his sentence I falsely charged, causing him to jump. I took this as an advantage and swept his feet out from under him. Then, before he could get back up, I pinned him to the ground. 

"Okay," he groans. "You made your point." 

I drop on the floor beside him, laughing through my laboured breathing. Soon, Rhodes gets up on his feet, offering his hand to me. I use it to stand up, both of us walking out of the weight room together. While we walk to the kitchen that is close by, we both joke back and forth. I guess our laughing got Dad's attention because he suddenly appears by my side.

"My daughter kick your ass again per usual?" Dad teases, causing Rhodes to roll his eyes playfully in response.

"Had to get one last beat down in before I'm doomed to the place that is New York's public school system!" I say with a dramatic flare before quickly disappearing into the kitchen.

A/N - Hi there! Sorry about the lack of updates but don't worry! Some more chapters will be appearing soon. These bonus chapters are going to be short and most of the time fluffy (cough cough, the last one is gonna be depressing), so they are not mandatory. Part 2 will be published towards the end of this month or the start of the next. Until next time...

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