Chapter 35

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"Alright, I'll do it." She sticks out her tongue, smiling faintly. Her cheeks look flushed in the dim lighting.

Intimidated, I shift my weight from her hips into mine, and back again. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears.

Her shirt has slipped off her shoulder, revealing sparse freckles I didn't notice before. She held a sleepy smile on her face, causing slight dimples to appear. Her dark hair was untidy as it fell in front of eyes that flickered as they caught my attention.

"Are you okay, Summer?"

I bite my bottom lip. Whenever she calls me by my real name, the sexual tension doubles.

"I'm fi--" Her hand glides up my trembling thigh, and my breath hitches. "F-Fine."

My finger traces Luna's perfect jawline without thought, causing her to tilt her head up and laugh softly.

She applies whipped cream onto her finger and casually dabs it onto my nose.

"...I want your expression to melt into a hot mess."

Luna gazes up at me, the vanilla scent calming and exciting me at the same time. I look deep into her eyes, my cheeks heating up.

Without warning, her lips press against my skin, causing me to shudder.

Her lips brush against my bra, knocking me off balance.

   I feel her hot tongue on my skin, as she gets rid of the whipped cream the way I had dared her to do.
  I notice my nipples now show through the bra. Fuck. She looks at me with something in her eye, licking her lips when no whipped cream was left.

Her hands caress the small of my back delicately, as if I were as fragile as glass, waiting for me to catch my breath.

She doesn't release her hand from my back.

Instead, she gently pushes me onto the bed, pinning me there with her arms.

Luna's on top of me, and a thousand thoughts flood my mind.

With every heartbeat, my core pulses. Her hand slides from my waist down to my hip, and that's when I begin to hyperventilate, my  body feverish.

"Don't get scared. We'll take it slow," Luna whispers comfortingly.

With her hand, Luna slowly runs my hands through her bedhead hair. She puts her hand down, but I keep running my hand through her soft locks, over and over.

Her eyes close with satisfaction. "Guide my head wherever you'd like it to go. When you're ready." She bites her bottom lip.

I take a deep breath.

With my shaking hands, I push her head downwards, towards the place that feels so strangely hot. I think... I'm ready.

With her teeth, she slides the red lace down my thighs and off my mind.

Her eyes flicker from the lingerie to my skin underneath, clouding with such a sweet form of desire that my heart nearly halts.

She inhales sharply. "Fuck..."

Before I could react, she apologizes. "Sorry, um..." Her eyes flicker downward. "May I?"

With passion, I nod.

She puts some distance between my legs, and glances away, blushing. She's so damn sexy.

She looks back at me. "Y-You know, there's no pressure. If you're not sure—"

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