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renjun let out a fake gasp, ❝i did not know

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renjun let out a fake gasp, ❝i did not know.

jeno rolled his and slapped jaemin by the arm, earning a hiss by the other. ❝don't joke around.

jaemin clicked his tongue and then nodded, ❝but first, how did you know?

your mothers told me. at first i didn't take it too seriously because kids are you too young to be engaged, but after seeing you two, yep.

jeno raised a brow, ❝what's with that reaction?

renjun shrugged and then turned to jaemin, now curious into what he was supposed to say. jaemin noticed that all eyes was on him and it made him lean back from his chair.

congratulations you won an award—

jaemin!❞ jeno slapped the younger's arm again.

ouch!?❞ jaemin clicked his tongue, ❝god, you sure don't know how to have fun.❞ he then stood up, placed his plate down the sink and then walked upstairs.

renjun and jeno were left there in the kitchen, silent. renjun, for the first time, got scared when jaemin slammed the door in (probably) jeno's room. jeno, getting used to that already, just sighed and gave the babysitter his famous smile, showing of his cute eye smile.

renjun would lie if he says that he didn't find it cute.

sorry for that.❞ jeno said, ❝jaemin was supposed to tell you that we can't trust you yet.

and why is that?

you aren't the first one working as our babysitter. in fact, you're the fifth person. they all never went through a day.❞ jeno explained, ❝and who knows, maybe you'll also quit anytime today. so what's the point of telling more about us?

renjun snorted at the part where jeno told him their past babysitters didn't last a day, ❝i totally feel them. you two arguing every hour, every minute, who wouldn't go crazy?

that made jeno giggle, ❝yeah, we do fight a lot.

renjun ate a piece of bacon and stuffed his mouth with rice. munching on the food inside his mouth and drinking water before speaking, ❝can i ask why?

because we are just not meant to be.❞ jeno looked up to renjun, debating on whether he should tell this guy, that looks like a teenager but is actually older than them, about him and jaemin.

lovers quarrel i see.❞ renjun nodded, acting like he knows all about love when he too hasn't tried loving someone. chenle is even way better at that topic than him.

no,❞ jeno forced a smile, ❝we just hate each other, way back since we were kids. i don't know how it started but i sure know it still hasn't ended.

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