Chapter 5

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Selene felt her body on fire. She could no longer think, only do. He kissed her strong, passionately, she melted under his touch. He licked her bottom lip requesting her permission to let him in. She allowed it. He savored her in a way she had never thought possible. He cupped her bottom, pressing himself against her, a moan escaped her lips as she felt his erection.

So hard, so exquisite, Selene wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer to her, she herd him hiss as she pressed her breasts against him. In a swift motion he picked her up, bringing her legs around his waist. His lips lowered to her neck, leaving tingles everywhere he kissed. He started walking to the pack house, but she was not aware of that as he skillfully caressed her back, his kisses dropped lower, in between her breasts. She grabbed his hair holding him there. They were already inside the house, but Selene was not conscious of that.

“Beg for me, say you want me” he demanded in between kisses.

“Y-ye…” she began.

Snap out of it! Reason came back to her, and she jumped out of Nicolai’s embrace, stumbling backwards and falling on her bottom. She gasped for air.

Nicolai dropped down beside her “are you alright?” she simply nodded.

He stretched out his hand for her, but she stiffened. “No!” she said backing away from him “I don’t want you to touch me” He was hurt, she could see he was hurt. She closed her eyes and tried to regain her strength.

“Selene…”she heard him say.

“No” she interrupted “just, don’t talk to me right now” She could still feel the warmth of his touch, she took deep breaths to soothe herself.

“This has gone too far” she told him as she slowly stood up. “Stay there” Selene demanded as he took a step in her direction. Her brain began to function once again. “I’m going to find my friend, then I’m going home” she said with determination. He did not reply. Selene nodded, and turned her back on him.

The living room was big, spacious. A black leather sofa was backed up against a wall with a window facing the front yard. In front of it a small glass center table. A black leather loveseat faced the other side of the center table. Selene walked up the stair, leading to a second floor with many rooms.

“Gia!” she called for her friend. “Gia!”

“In here Selene” she heard her voice two doors to her right.

“Gia are you alright?” Selene asked opening the door. She found her friend sitting down on the bed, the blond man standing right next to it.

“Yeah, are we leaving?” Gia asked standing up. Selene nodded. “Good,” she replied walking to the door “let’s go”

Both of them walked down the stairs. Selene found Nicolai standing between her and the front door, his arms crossed.

“You can’t go, this is your home now” he said with a serious face.

“I have a home, and it is definitely not here” Selene replied.

“You are my mate, and you are to stay here, with me”

“Listen here you overgrown GI Joe,” Gia said stepping in between them “ we’ve had enough of this little game you’re playing, so if you don’t move this instant I will personally castrate you” she told him with defiance.

Nicolai growled at her, but moved aside.

“Thank You” Gia said with sarcasm in her words. She grabbed Selene’s hand and led her outside. No one was there anymore, only empty chairs. Selene wondered when they had left. She felt Nicolai’s eyes on her as she got on her truck and started the engine.

* * * * * *

Nicolai slammed the door once the red Ford had left. He stomped to the sofa and dropped himself on it. Cameron sat next to him.

“Women” he complained “why do they have to play hard-to-get”

Nicolai nodded in agreement, he recalled how good Selene had felt in his arms. How she reacted to his kisses. He dropped his head and sighed. She wanted him, he knew it. He could smell her desire for him, yet she had pushed away from him. Why?

“Women” Cameron complained again.

“Women” Nicolai agreed.

* * * * * *

“Home sweet home” Gia singed stepping into the house. “I’ll see what we have in the fridge, I’m starving”

Selene walked to the kitchen with her friend. The whole trip from the pack house to her home she had not stopped thinking of Nicolai.

“Well, we have some lasagna left, what do you think?” Gia turned to see her friend looking down, sadness in her face.

“Hey,” she said sweetly as she hugged Selene “everything will be alright, I promise”

Selene sighed, letting her friend’s words comfort her “You said lasagna?” she asked as she pulled back from the hug.

“Yep, but that’s like two days ago, why don’t we eat out? I’ll pay”

Selene smile “I’ll take you up on that”

* * * * * *

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