⌜ seven ⌟

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renjun got out of jaemin's room, where he sleeps as of the moment

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renjun got out of jaemin's room, where he sleeps as of the moment. standing in front of the door, he stretched his arms the air with a yawn. he then placed his arms down and brought one of his hands to his stomach to rub it. he looks sleepy but as much as he wants to go back to sleep, he has work to do.

he was about to move but a door from another room that was just next to jaemin's opened and showed a boy with his messed up hair and rosy cheeks with his lips making a pout made him stop from going anywhere.

jeno groaned, about to stretch like what renjun did a while ago but froze when he saw the older staring at him.

renjun blinked, eyes going somewhere when he got caught.

jeno giggled, ❝good morning.

renjun went back to staring at jeno and then pointed at himself. ❝who, me?

the chinese mentally wanted himself to jump out off the balcony. from all the words that could have been said, he had to ask if it was him jeno was greeting. who else was in the hallways other than the two of them.

hmm.❞ jeno hummed, scanning the babysitter from top to bottom. he then saw renjun's other hand under his shirt, showing a glimpse of skin from his stomach. that sight made jeno bit his lower lip, unconsciously.

the older followed to where he was looking at and then noticed the skin showing. he placed his hand down and looked away to hide the red tint visible from his cheeks.



could you..❞ jeno furrowed his brows. what is he actually doing? is he seriously going to ask renjun to show his skin to him? jeno slapped his forehead, it's still early in the morning what is he thinking.

could you go down and make breakfast now?❞ a frustrated jaemin came out from jeno's room with his arms crossed.

renjun rolled his eyes, ❝i was about to do that.❞ he hated how jaemin could easily ruin his mood.

then what are you wasting time for? chop chop.❞ he clapped his hands twice and only earned a click from the tongue by renjun.

renjun mumbled some curse words and started to walk away from them only to be stopped midway by jeno. ❝i'll help you in the kitchen.❞ jeno smiled at the older before catching up to him, leaving jaemin behind.

leaving jaemin who had his brows furrowed in confusion. since when were they this close? to the point that jeno actually has his arm on the short male's shoulders. all he did was skip cleaning, did he miss that much?

he just sighed and followed the two from behind. he didn't want to admit it but his face showed disgust. that is, for him, he describes it as a disgust look. but if your were to see it, you would think that he was jealous.

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