Chapter: 16

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Y/N: I wonder why he started crying...


You walked out of the room and started looking for Jungkook.

You didn't find him anywhere in the halls.

The building was gigantic so it could take a while before you could find him.

You found Jimin somewhere in the halls doing his own thing.

Y/N: Jimin... do you know where Jungkook is..?

Jimin: no, why? Did he do something.?!

Y/N:.... no not really...... he.... was crying...

Jimin:...... what did you do?!

Y/N: I didn't do anything..

Jimin: yeah sure you didn't do anything, WHY WOULD HE START CRYING THEN?!!

Y/N: Jimin I swear, I didn't do anything believe me!

Jimin: how could I ever believe a human like you...

He looked at you angrily.

Then Jin came walking down the hallway.

Jin: is something wrong?

Jimin's expression immediately changed and he didn't look angry.

Jimin: yeah everything is fine.

Jimin faced Jin and stood with his back to you.

Jin took a small look at you and you shook your head like saying no.

Jin looked back at Jimin.

Jin: well.... I have something to do with Y/N so yeah... cya.

Jin grabbed your wrist and walked away.

When you were far enough from Jimin Jin stopped walking.

Jin: what happened?

Y/N: eh... well it's like... eh... well Jimin thought I hurt Jungkook, but I didn't.

Jin: mmm is that it?

Y/N: yeah.

Jin: well V, Jimin and Jungkook are very protective over each other, you know what When I see Jimin again I'll explain it to him.

Y/N: thank you.

Jin: but only when u give me something.

Y/N: like what?

Jin: your blood of course.

He grabbed your wrist and hold it close to his mouth.

You closed your eyes in fear of his sudden movement.

You then heard him laugh.

Jin: *windshieldwhiper laugh* you really thought I would do such a thing?

He continued laughing.

Y/N: but... your a vampire.... that's why.. I thought you would..

Jin stopped laughing.

Jin: okay I'll explain it to you, me, Rm, Suga and J-Hope are older than those other three and we have more control o our hunger.

Jin: and they are still young and they have more thirst for blood than us, and they need blood for their development as a vampire.

Y/N: mmm so that's why they are almost the only ones that drank my blood.

Jin: yeah but it doesn't mean that me, Rm, Suga and Jhope will never drink your blood, and I'm actually guessing Suga already drank your blood.

Y/N: why do you think that?

Jin: well he is lazy and lazy vampires always wanna drink blood, I don't understand that either.

He started laughing again.

Jin finally let go of your wrist.

Jin: well it's almost lunch time so I'm gonna make lunch.

He walked off.

Jin: ow yeah Y/N, I'll try fixing your door as soon as I can.

He than disappeared in the hallway.
Hehe sorry for late update.

I had a busy schedule with school these few days.

But I'll try updating more now.

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