chapter 16

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I woke up frowning, sleeping alone is so sucky.

I need my princess's annoying kicking and cute little mumbles and tiny body that wraps around me, I need that to sleep, clearly I didn't have any of that because she did not want to sleep beside me or Everest.

I looked at my nightstand and was surprised when I noticed it was 6 am.

Deciding I should start my day with coffee and exercise and catch on some bills, I left my room and headed to the stairs to make some coffee.

On my way to the kitchen, I heard sniffles.

I instantly knew it was Mia, as I was sure that wasn't Everest crying.

I hurdley went to check up on her, forgetting that she was in transition.

"Hey baby girl, shh hush your cries, daddy's got you, come here," I cooed as I leaned into her crib and scooped her with my arms.

She instantly wrapped around me and continued to cry.

"Oh my pretty girl, why are you crying?bad dream?" I asked, rubbing her back.

"N-nuu," she whimpers.

"Oh then baby, what is it?"

"Mia m-miss y-ou daddy," she hiccups.

"Awh my darling girl, I missed you too," I frown at how different she is acting.

"How about we go down and make a nice little bottle of milk?"

She nodded on my shoulder and continues crying.

We reached down the stairs, her not letting me go, I was forced to make a bottle of milk, with a girl stuck on my hip, but I didn't mind, I missed her.

My little angel tightened her legs around me, and placed her thumb in her mouth.

While I waited for the kettle to heat up the water, I gently caressed her back and swung from side to side, I felt her breath ease and her sniffles disappeared.

The only sound in the whole house was my humming for "la vie on rose", the soft tapping of the rain on the windows, and the steady sound of sucking coming from my angel on her thumb.

I felt at ease, such a simple moment, meant so much to me. I forgot about my troubles, my fears, insecurities, I forgot about the problems my angel faces and used to face, having her short legs wrapped around me felt heavenly. Her soft and angelic touch urged me to smoother her with kisses, but it also made me want to be cautious as to cause harm onto her delicate skin.

My train of thoughts came to a halt when I noticed the water boil.

I used that water to make me some coffee. Putting that on the side, I filled half of my angel's bottle with that water and the other half with the warm room temperature water to even it out. I then added three tablespoons of a specific formula, that helps in her growth.
Shaking the bottle, in on hand until it was all mixed in together, i handed it to her and grabbed my coffee.

I made my way to the sitting room and placed my angel on my lap.

The quit room was filled with the sound of my sipping, her sucking and the calming rain.

Until Kenzie walked in squealing like a fan girl.

I turned back in shook, not expecting him, and not expecting a 6year olds squeal when she found out she was going to Disney land.

"What the actual fuck Kenzie, you scared Mia and me you dickhead,"

"Suck dick, grey, but you remember the blog I started based on ddlg,"


"Well, ITS GOING VIRAL I already have 600 followers, and they are INCREASING," he says jumping up and down shirtless.

"That's great," I say

"Morning my lil princess," he says while he is walking towards Mia.

He held her up in his hands and gave her a big hug.

He removed her bottle from her lips for a split second and she frowned.

As a result he gave her a quick peck and her frown turned into a goofy grin and her cheeks flushed red.

He then returned the bottle to her lips and, with her wrapped around him, he walked to the glass window, staring out at the rain.

I watched and sipped the rest of my coffee.

"Mornin," a grumpy Everest says while walking in.

We reply with an equally grumpy mornin.

He walks up to Mia and gives her a kiss on her forehead.

"Slept well baby?" His grumpy voice gone in a second.

"Course daddy,"

"Awh baby I missed you," he says while grabbing her from Kenzie.

He gave her a big hug and kept repeating how much he missed her.

"me too daddy missed chu," Mia says frowning.

Everest sat on the couch and sat
Mia on his lap with her legs wrapped around his hips.


I was shocked to hear Mia say that.


I was even more shocked.

Everest's head flew up and glared at Kenzie and me.

"Who the hell said that infront of her,"

Kenzie and I looked at each other.

We are fucked.

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