~ twenty two ~

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    "John?" Paul nervously called out of the long silence, "Ye still there wi' me, love?"

     I snapped out of my anxiety-induced trance and cleared my throat, "Yeh, sorry," I chuckled, "Jus lost in me own thoughts, I guess."

     Paul stayed silent for a moment before speaking, "...Well, what's the matter?"

     "Nothin's the matter!" I tried to reassure him, "Why would anythin' be the matter?"

     "Yer jus actin' so strange and wi' John Lennon, that's never a good sign." He joked, "Ye sure everythin's alright?"

     "Course, Macca, I wouldn't lie to ye, now would I?" I, ironically enough, lied through my teeth. "Y- Ye know that better than anybody!"

     Hah, I'm going to Hell!

     "Right... Well, I can meet ye on the corner between our houses before school, tomorrow... If ye wanted to walk togeva'?" Paul suggested in a shy tone.

     I lit up like a Christmas Tree at the suggestion, "Sure! That sounds... good... Yeah, I'd love to."

     Paul smiled against the phone, "Alright, I'll be there at around 7... Goodnight."

     "Goodnight..." I replied before setting the telephone back down in it's original position.

     Butterflies fluttered their way from my stomach and into my chest as I flopped back on to my bed. The same mattress Paul and I slept on the night prior to today, cuddled against one another.

     Although I just wanted to bask in the excitement that Paul is going to be attending the same school as me now, it was difficult to when all I could think about was Jane.

     I'm an idiot for thinking that stupid note plan would work. I should've just been honest, but no, ofcourse I have to pick the easy way out. When Paul finds out that I lied, he's going to be fuming!

     I gripped the pillows I was laying on top of and covered my face with them and let out a frustrated scream.

     Aunt Mimi knocked on my bedroom door before opening it, "John?"

     I quickly sat up and tried my hardest to appear joyful, "Yeah, Mimi?"

     "Dinner'll be ready in jus a few minutes, be ready, alright?" She asked of me.

     I nodded my head as she shut the door and trotted off down the hallway and back into the kitchen.

     And if the Jane situation was my only worry, that'd be a blessing! No, I have much more on my plate.

     What if George was right? What if Paul only wants to be with me because i'm a convenient solution? He may think he loves me simply because he's so desperate for affection and care... What if i'm just a fool for thinking another bloke, of all people, could love me? In this day and age?

     There was no holding back the tears any longer, no, I poured like a river. Like a dam being overflown and finally breaking through.

     Don't pass me by.


     I awoke the next morning to the sound of Mimi, once again, knocking on my door.

     "I'm gettin' up, I'm gettin' up!" I shouted, tossing the sheets off of me.

     "Good, 'cause it's... nearly 6:45." Mimi replied through the wooden door, "Ye should probably-"

     I opened the door and interrupted whatever Mimi was telling me, "...G'mornin'!"

     She rolled her eyes as I continued down the hallway.

     How can I possibly be ready so quickly? The key is to just wear what you wore the day before, ofcourse! Might as well, when you can't sleep at night. All I did, really, was put on my glasses and tidy up my hair in a jiffy. Couldn't be bothered to try to put in my contacts.

     I quickly shoveled spoonfuls of grits into my mouth as I kept a close eye on the clock above the kitchen sink. Wouldn't want to be late meeting Paul on his first day, after all!

     "If ye don't slow down yer gonna choke, ye know!" Mimi laughed.

     I picked up the empty bowl and brought it to the sink to rinse it out, "Yeah, well it's either I eat fast or not at all. Ye see the time?"

     "And who's fault is that!?" She asked jokingly.

     I scoffed as I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, "Goodbye, Mimi!"

     She sipped her tea and nodded me off as I went out the front door and into the bitter, cold, Winter morning. As the door opened infront of me, a gust of wind blew my hair out of my face and caused me to shiver just a bit.

     I checked my watch one last time as I headed down the dirt path, "I've still got 5 minutes to spare!" I smiled to myself.

      Soon enough, I noticed a boy with dark hair waving his arm crazily in my direction, causing a grin to creep on to my face. He's such an idiot!

     I walked over with a smug step in my walk and smiled up at the lad.

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