~ twenty three ~

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"Took ye long enough, didn't it?" Paul joked. "Slow poke."

"Jeez, Macca, I left five minutes earlier than I was supposed to and ye still beat me here!" I laughed, "C'mon, now!"

Paul smiled and followed closely next to me, "So, have ye seen George or Rich today?"

"No, I havent, actually." I said, keeping a close eye on everyone who passed us by. "I ain't their keeper."

If Jane sees us walking together or sees Paul at school, I'm dead. Paul would be furious with me and Jane would question why I would lie to her and such. I've really got myself knee-deep in trouble, haven't I? I mean, after being on this Earth for 18 years, I can't say that I'm exactly shocked.

"John, are ye stoned or somethin'?" Paul nudged my arm jokingly as he asked. "Zonin' out quite a lot these days?"

I looked up at the boy and smiled smugly, "No, jus thinkin' a lot, ye know?"

"What abou'?" Paul asked, cocking his head.

Shit. Make up something, make up something.

"It's really nothin'."

Paul's shifty eyes spoke much louder than words.

"What?!" I asked with a chuckle.

"Jus be honest."


"...George said ye didn't actually love me." I blurted without giving it a second thought.

Paul stopped in his tracks, "What?" He asked in a defensive tone.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Why would the Hell would I-

"When did he say this?"

I pondered my head for an answer for a little while before speaking up this time, partially because I was having an inner panic attack. "Yesterday... When we were togeva'."

Paul squinted his eyes and pulled me by the collar of my shirt aside next to a tree, "John, ye know he's wrong, right?"

"...I don't want to believe him, but... he does have some good po-" I spoke until I was interrupted with a kiss upon my lips.

"John, ...He's being ridiculous. Today... I promise ye that I'll prove jus how much I love ye! 'Cause I do. ...I do love ye. Don't listen to that git, anymore. Got it?" He neatened the collar of my shirt as he spoke. The mere touch of his skin onto my bare neck sent chills down my spine.

My cheeks began to turn a dark shade of red as I rubbed them, "Al- Alright. I love ye too, Macca."

Paul gestered his head for me to follow him back to the path, "Now, c'mon before we're late!"

I giggled as I picked up the pace behind Paul, who was now running down the rest of the way to our school.

How can a man make a forest fire like me so soft that I become nothing but running water?

This sweet moment almost made me forget about how anxious I am, but it's okay. I wanna bask in this.

He said he loved me, after all!

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