~ twenty four ~

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As I left the front of the school, I shaded my eyes with a hand as I scanned the parking lot for any of the lads. Finally, it's that time of year when it's a lot warmer in the evenings than it usually is the rest of the day, so maybe all of us could go to Penny Lake?

Maybe it would just have to be Paul and I. I mean, he seems so upset with George and I can't stop running my brain over that thought. I should've just insisted I was fine or have made up something. Although... I wasn't lying, entirely. It feels like pins and needles when I think that there's a possibility that my boy is using me as a crutch. What if he's just so overwhelmed and lonely that he clings to the first person who's nice to him? Someone he knows will always be there for him? Someone he knows that loves him, dearly?

These are the thoughts that keep me at the edge of my seat.

Thanks a lot, Geo. Putting this bullshite in my head!

I bit my bottom lip to hold back the slight tears that wanted to drip down my cheek.

Does he think that just because he let me blow him off in a bathroom stall, that I should believe that he loves me? Like that's enough?

I rubbed my face with my hands and looked up above me at the clouds that were towering over my head. I collapsed on to a bench behind me as I kept my gaze up high.

"Johnny!" A voice greeted me from behind.

"Macca! Ye nearly gave me a heart attack." I laughed.

"What ye wanna do now? Could go to the record store, maybe? Heard they jus got some new releases, yeah?" Paul asked, squinting his eyes due to the beaming sun above us.

"Well, maybe... What I was thinkin' is we could go down to Penny Lake and jus... hang out, ye know?" I suggested instead.

Paul's eyes lit up, "Good thinkin'! - 'Ey Geo! Richard!" Paul called out from behind me, "Wanna meet down at Penny Lake?!"

"Yer invitin' George?" I whispered into Paul's ear.

"Yeah, we've... got a lot to talk abou', him and I."

"Right... Right." I gulped.

"Alright, we'll see ye lads there, then!" George shouted back before continuing down the path to his house.

Once those clowns were out of site, I swiftly grabbed Paul's hand into my own.

"So how was yer first day, Macca?" I asked, staring up at the clouds through the trees. "Anythin' happen?"

Paul groaned, "Nah, it was boring. But atleast ye were there wi' me... some of the time."

I chuckled, "Not enough of the time, though."

Paul giggled as he stared ahead of us then at me, "Yer right abou' that one."

I leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked, hand in hand.

Everytime i'm around this beautiful boy, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Like we could accomplish anything. I just hope he feels the same way.

Macca, how do you do this to me?

What makes you think you're something special when you smile?

"We're here!" Paul announced, pointing into the distance at a wide, open body over water with large rocks bordering the bay.

"Hopefully the others'll be here soon..." Paul sighed.

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