~ twenty five ~

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     It's been a week or so since Paul started attending the same school as us and since we all had that talk at Penny Lake. So far, it has been a great change and there's been a significant improvement in our ability to write music together. No more awkward tension lurking above our heads and it's all been pretty good fun! We even have been performing at this café down the road from my house and it's great doing what I love with... who I love.

     All four of us were sat on the floor of my room as Paul was laying across my lap, staring up at me while I strummed a few cords on my guitar, "So, lads... How does this one sound? Been workin' on it fer a while."

     "Let's hear it!" George smiled.

     I began to strum the strings to form a nice rhythym, staring down into Paul's brown, doe eyes as he blushed.

     After I was done, I looked around at my mates' faces for a response, "Well, is it shit or not?"

     "It sounded great to me." Richard smiled, "Don't ye think so, George?"

     George nodded, "Sounded alright. But ye should try to make it maybe a higher pitch? Try hittin' the A note."

     I cocked my head, "Well, alright then." Instead of pulling the cord that hits the D note during the harmony, I hit the A note just as Grorge suggested. The sound was pretty unique, yet sounded pretty lovely.

     "Good call, Geo!" Paul agreed.

     We all laughed with one another and basked in eachother's presence. No more rivalries or fighting, just creating music. How it should be.

     My mind didn't stray far from my previous worries, however.

     Oh, Jane!

     We haven't experienced any issues regarding her lately, either, but it hasn't be easy to avoid. Everytime I saw her in the hallways while I was with Macca, i'd simply think of an alibi for us to get the hell out of there and fast!

     I looked outside my fogged over window at the darkening sky, "Aye, when should ye lads be headin' home?"

     Paul sighed, "Don't make me leave already."

     I chuckled, "McCartney..."

     Paul sat up out of my lap and stared at me in the eyes, "Me father won't be mad if I jus stay... Promise! Jus for tonight?"

     I cocked my head and exhaled, "...How could I say no? Ye've really got a hold on me."

     Paul's eyes lit up as he wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me deeply on the lips.

     Richard rolled his eyes, "Get a room, ye two!"

     "Piss off, yer jus jealous!" Paul rolled off of my lap to sit next to me, instead.

     "John's right, though, it's nearly 8 o' clock. We should get goin'." George suggested.

     Richard nodded and stood up, "We'll see ye lads tomorrow, alright? Ring either of us if ye need anythin'!"

     "I'll walk 'em down." I said, standing up and leading the others out of my bedroom door.

     We walked down the hallway as the floor boards creaked below our feet. I tried to be quiet as Mimi was already in her bed, attempting to sleep through the noise we were making.

     "Ye fellas walk home safe, alright?" I said, scratching the back of me head.

     "Ye sound like me mother." George joked. "See ye, John."

     I nodded them off before shutting my front door quietly, then tip-toeing back into my room.

     As I walked in, I saw Macca laying down against my bed, staring up at my ceiling as he twiddled his thumbs. His knees were spread apart and his forehead was covered in sweat from singing and such.

     "Somethin' wrong?" Paul asked as he noticed me staring at him.

     "Not at all. Yer jus so perfect, ye know that?"

    Paul blushed and beckoned me to come over to him. I smiled and hovered over him.

     "Thanks for lettin' me stay the night..." He smiled up at me.

     I kissed his lips slowly and then pulled away, "Yer always welcome here, but ye knew that already!"

     Paul moved his thumb over my bottom lip and stared into my eyes, "Seriously... Thank ye..."

     "Why do ye wanna stay here so much, anyroad?" I asked, trying to conceal the excitement this boy was causing me. "Not that it's a drag or anythin'..."

     Paul sighed, "I love bein' here wi' ye. Ye make me feel so ecstatic, I'd be crazy to not wanna be here, wouldn't I?"

     I gave him a knowing look, "Okay... Now, what's the other reason?"

     "Why's there gotta be 'nother reason?" He chuckled, "I'm fine. I'm cool."

     "Sure ye are." I said in a sarcastic tone.

     "Ye sayin' I'm not cool?" Paul asked.

     "No... No, I'm sayin' yer a right liar." I teased. "That's all."

     Paul scoffed before bringing me into a kiss. I collapsed over his body as he eventually ended up straddling me.

    "Ye can tell me anythin', okay?" I assured him. "So...?"

     Paul sighed and put his head on my chest, "It's me father..."

    "Yer father? What's his deal?"

    "Ever since my mother passed, he's been drinkin' alcohol like a normal person drinks water... I don't wanna be around that, anymore." He explained.


    "It's alright, though. I've got ye, don't I? Ye'd never hurt me..." Paul kicked my jaw.

     "Never." I lied.

     I lied to you, Macca. I lied to Jane.

    How could I tell you that, though?

    I'm sorry.

    "Bein' wi' ye, John, it makes me forget abou' all the bad things in my life, lately. I can't thank ye enough for that."

     I stroked his hair, "I'm just John Lennon, I ain't so special."

     "That's the thing... I love that abou' ye!"

     We moved from my floor to my bed after changing into sleep clothes. We allowed ourselves to unravel into eachothers arms under the covers.

      "Months ago... would ye ever predict that ye'd end up wi' me?" I asked.

     Paul raised his brow, "No... But I'm glad I did. What an odd question, that is."


     The next morning, I awoke to an empty bed. Paul must have left before I woke up. Which is fine, I don't blame him. I just hope he's okay. It made my chest hurt a little to wake up alone, ...without his body heat up against me.

     That'll be okay, though. I'll see him at school.

     I stood off out of my bed and stretched my body out before throwing on an outfit and getting ready to head out the door.

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