~ twenty six ~

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     I sat down in the school's cafeteria at a table near the back. The same one I used to sit at, alone, until met the lads. I waited for Paul to show up near the school this morning, but he never came. I decided to just walk alone, instead.

     I do hope everything's okay with him and his father.

     Scanning the crowd like a hawk, I ate an apple.

     "Where the Hell is he?" I asked as I checked my watch.

     Suddenly, I felt two hands aggressively attack my shoulders. "Shit!" I shouted.

    I then heard a very familiar giggle, "Got ye!"

    I turned around and smiled, "Christ, Macca, couldn't jus say 'Ello, John!', instead? Like a normal person?"

    "Haha, nope! What fun would that be?" Paul helped himself to a seat across from me, "So, what's happenin'."

     "Been lookin' for ye all bleedin' mornin', I have." I growled, "Where've ye been?"

     "Woke up late, had to nearly run all the way here!" Paul groaned.

     I sipped off a box of orange juice, "Why'd ye leave wi' out even sayin' goodbye, this mornin'? I missed ye, darl'..."

     "Ye jokin', right?"

     "What's that s'posed to mean?" I asked, a smiling creeping on to my face.

     "I tried to, 'till ye yelled at me to let ye sleep longer, ye knob!" He laughed.

     I rolled my eyes, "Yer makin' that up, Macca, I'm sure I'd remember doin' somethin' that."


     I laughed as we continued our careless talk with one another.

     Things were good.

     I want it to stay like this.

     "So, when's our next gig?" I asked, keeping my eyes locked with Paul's.

     Paul stared up at the ceiling as he thought, "Only a couple o' days, I think."

     "Jus enough time to practice some new songs we've been workin' on!" I smiled.

     "Yer right... Hope it's enough time."

     "We've really been workin' well, haven't we?" I asked.

      "We have, fortunately. But there's still ways to go." Paul reiterated, "We'll get there, though."

      I stared thoughtlessly at Paul's beautiful, rounded face until I noticed someone behind him. Behind him was a bird with long, red hair, talking to a group of friends.

     "We should get goin', Macca." I nervously spat out.

     "What? Classes don't begin for 'nother 10 minutes!"

     "Oh, ...we jus gotta, come on!" I pulled the boys arm and dashed off into the hallways.

      "Yer somethin' else, Lennon!" Paul shouted, fixing his shirt.

     "Trust me, ye'd be thankful if ye knew why I did that."

     "Well, why did ye?" Paul asked.

     I leaned in closer to his face, "Jane was there!" I said with a whisper. "Right behind ye!"

     "John. Who the Hell cares if she's near us. She ain't gonna bother us any!" Paul exclaimed.

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