Sequel - Part 6

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Later during the day, Manik called his personal assistant Soha.

Manik : "Soha, She is Nandini. You will be guiding her from tomorrow."

Soha : "Ok sir."

Instead of asking Nandu to goto Soha's cabin, he asked Soha to come over to his cabin because he didn't want Nandu to go out of his sight.

Manik didn't have any personal assistants for sometime. After his long term P.A left, a few girls did work as his P.A. He was rich, handsome and single, so the P.A's tried getting close to him with the intention of making him fall for them. Once Manik realized their intentions, he fired them. He decided to manage without a personal assistant.

Soha had joined on Mukti's recommendation. Soha had helped Mukti once when Mukti was in a problem. They happened to meet a few times after that and had become friends. So when Soha was looking for a job, Mukti recommended her. Mukti had mentioned to her about what happened with Manik's previous PA's. So Soha tried to get into Manik's good books first, though she intended to do the same.

Next day afternoon, Nandu had drifted off to sleep at her desk since she was exhausted. Manik came close to Nandu and was looking at her. He moved her hair which was covering her face aside.He was about to touch her face, but stopped. He caressed her hair very gently instead, he didn't want to wake her up.

Manik remembered their moments in the past. Whenever Manik found Nandu sleeping at the desk while studying, he would carry her in his arms and put her to bed. She would sense his presence even in her sleep and snuggle to him.

Manik's thoughts : "When will those times come back? Now I can't take you in my arms, I can't even tell you how much I missed you all these days. But I am glad at least you are in front of me. There is a hope that you will remember me sooner or later."

Manik moved a little away from Nandu when he sensed that she will wake up.

Nandu : "Sorry... I don't know how I drifted off to sleep."

Manik : "It's all right. No worries. Your brother told me that this is your first job, you will get used to it slowly."

Soha started guiding Nandu from the next day, but she had a doubt if she is going to be replaced by Nandu. When she talked to Mukti about it, Mukti told her not to worry. Nandu was there only temporarily to learn the work. Mukti didn't tell her that Nandu was her sister-in-law.

Soha continued to guide Nandu for a few days. Soha had observed Manik looking in their direction a few times and thought that he was looking at her. Nandu was new and she dressed in simple clothes where as Soha was attractive and modern. She had been working there from past few months. So Soha never thought that he could be actually looking at Nandu.

Soha : "Finally, he has started looking at me. Now it's time to try to make him fall for me."

Manik's day to day mechanical life style was replaced. He would wake up every day and get ready to work with lot of enthusiasm. It was there and only there he could meet Nandu and see her. If everyone looked forward to weekends, he would curse the weekends because he couldn't meet or see her on that day.

One morning Manik was standing at the balcony in his office. Manik's office was on the top most floor of the building. Nandini came to him to tell his schedule since he had to attend a meeting soon.

When she was at the balcony, she looked down. She felt dizzy and fell unconscious. Manik held her from falling. He carried her to the couch and made her lie down. He was concerned for her. He sprinkled water on her face and Nandu gained conscious.

Nandu : "Sorry for the trouble."

Manik : "No problem. What happened to you suddenly?"

Nandu : "I was scared."

Manik : "Scared? ...of what?"

Nandu : "Of the height."

Nandu had developed a fear of heights after her accident.

Once Manik was looking at Nandu and he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. He was taking a file from the drawer and by mistake hurt his hand while closing the drawer.

Manik : "Ouch!"

Nandini saw him in pain and came to him. She found out what happened and came to his rescue. She got some ice immediately and wrapped it in a piece of cloth. She held his hand and placed ice on his hand.

Nandu was very concerned for him, but Manik had already forgotten his pain feeling Nandu's touch after a long time. When she was attending to his hand, he was lost in her.

Nandu : "Are you feeling better now?"

He came out of his Nandu land.

Manik : "Yes, i am."

Cabir used to visit Manik sometimes at Manik's office. He saw Manik stealing glances at Nandu.

Manik and Cabir moved to the balcony attached to Manik's cabin.

Cabir : "What Manik, you are stealing glances of your own wife?"

Manik : "I know and you know that she is my wife, but she doesn't. What if she thinks I am some pervert if she sees me looking at her all the time? She might stop coming here, then what will I do? I can't stop looking at her, but I don't want her to stop coming here."

Cabir : "Yours is a special case. Generally, people start by stealing glances or trying to be friends, then they fall in love with each other, then they get married and later get divorced."

Cabir : "In your case, it is all mixed up. You got married and immediately applied for divorce, became friends with her, then fell in love and now you are stealing glances."

Manik : "What to do Cabir, I have no choice but to start from square one."

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