Sequel - Part 7

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One morning, when Manik came into his cabin, Nandu was already there. On his way to his desk, he went to Nandu's desk to check the day's schedule.

Manik saw that Nandu had tied her hair. He moved his hand to untie her hair as he used to do in the past. But when Nandu turned towards him, he realized what he was going to do. Manik moved his hand up to his hair and pretended as though he intended to set his hair.


Whenever Nandu tied her hair, Manik would end up untying her hair.

Nandu : "Why do you always untie my hair? How will I do my work with hair falling all over my face?"

Manik back hugged her. He was nuzzling in her hair.

Manik : "I like it when you leave your hair open. At least don't tie it when I am around you. Who is asking you to do work anyways, you just stay with me."

Flashback ends..

Earlier, Manik didn't have to control himself from doing whatever he wanted to do when he was with Nandu. So it did take a lot of effort from his side to restrict his actions.

Manik had seen Nandu listening to music sometimes. He got a copy of the songs which he and Nandu had recorded together and gave it to her.

Manik : "I saw you listening to music. Can you listen to this and give me your opinion about it? This is my friend's recording."

Nandu : "I just listen to music, I don't know if I am capable enough to judge and give an honest opinion about it."

Manik : "That doesn't matter. You can tell me what you think or feel when you listen to them. He wants to know what the general audience thinks about it."

Nandu couldn't deny her boss, so she agreed and took the recordings.

After a few days,

Manik : "Did you get a chance to listen to the recording I gave you?"

Nandu : "Yes I did."

Manik : "What is your opinion about it?"

Nandu : "It is good."

Manik : "Ok..?"

Nandu : "I felt as though they weren't just words for the song, but the singers really meant everything they sang."

Nandu was going to return the recordings.

Manik : "Keep this with you. Listen to it whenever you are free and let me know if you think or feel anything more when you listen to it."

Nandu agreed. Manik was actually trying to figure out if she could remember anything after listening to the songs. They had initially bonded over music and later continued to create music together. With time, the type of songs had changed. The recordings Manik had given Nandu contained the songs which conveyed their feelings for each other.

When Soha had to come to Manik, Manik stuck to his work and didn't pay any attention to her. So she tried moving closer to him to gain his attention. When Manik saw her standing too close to him,

Manik : "Can you please maintain distance?"

Soha had to comply to his request.

Once Manik was looking at Nandu and was not paying attention to what he was doing. He ended up knocking the hot beverage which was on his table and it spilt on his hand. It was only when his hands started burning, he came back to his senses.

Another time, Manik's elbow hit against the edge of the table. Like this, he would end up hurting himself one way or another.

There were a few times when Manik was lost in Manan land or Nandu land and ended up hurting himself by mistake. Nandu always came to his rescue and cared for him. There were other times when Manik intentionally got himself hurt just to have Nandu close to him and feel her touch.

One day when Manik came to his cabin, Nandu was standing on a chair on her tippy toes and trying to get a few files from the shelf. She was wearing a saree and had tucked her pallu to make her job easier. Seeing her like that reminded him of their moment in the past.


Nandu had to get something from the top shelf and wasn't able to reach it. She was looking for something to stand on.

Manik : "What are you looking for?"

Nandu : "I am not able to reach the top shelves. I am looking for something to stand on so that I can reach them."

Manik : "If you tell me what you want, I can get it for you."

Nandu : "You won't be around all the time. So still I have to get something ready."

Manik lifted her up.

Manik : "I will be your ladder for today. You can get a stool or ladder later and keep it ready for next time."

When Nandu was busy getting things out of the shelf, Manik's eyes fell on her belly. Nandu was wearing a saree. His hands weren't free, so he started tracing her belly with his nose. He also started pecking her.

Nandu : "What are you doing?"

Manik : "Why are you bothered about it? You do your work and let me do mine."

Nandu : "How can I do my work when you are tickling me?"

Manik : "Ok. You finish your work first, but you should let me go ahead with what I was doing after that."

After Nandu got everything she wanted, Manik made her lay down on the bed and continued from where he had stopped. Ofcourse, his hands were free now too. Even Nandu knew that it was just the beginning and he isn't going to stop at that, but she surrendered herself.

Flashback ends.....

Manik came out of his thoughts when his phone started ringing. Nandu was so engrossed in what she was doing that she hadn't realized Manik was there until now. She was startled by the ringing of the phone and his sudden presence. Nandu lost her balance, but Manik caught her before she fell down.

Nandu had shut her eyes tight thinking that she will land on the ground. Manik lost control over himself having her in his arms. He moved his face closer to kiss her, but Manik's phone started ringing again.He came back to his senses and realized what he was up to. Nandu also opened her eyes and Manik made her stand on the floor.

In the past, Manik would have cursed the caller for interrupting such a moment. But today he thanked the caller in his mind. It was the ringing of the phone that stopped him from going ahead. Manik didn't want Nandu to take him wrong. He didn't want to do anything that would distance him from Nandu.

Manik had a tough time controlling himself around Nandu that day.

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